MEDITATE – AWAY; The Song With A Perfect Mix Of Grime And Hip-Hop

Rapper, songwriter and model Meditate, alternatively known as Mehdi Monir, has recently debuted his first ever video for the song ‘AWAY’ earlier this month. His poetic style appears unique to the modern generation of rap; mixed with strong beats, ‘AWAY’ incorporates a fusion of both the Hip- hop and Grime genre.

The track, ‘AWAY’ further reflects early hip-hop with its stylized rhythmic music accompanied by memorable rhymes creating a captivating listening experience.

There’s new levity here, outlined in a succession of buoyant sounds that open the Hip-Hop song: steady mid-term possible beat, bland of lines and lots of other features that enabled the artiste to deliver his first glittering opening line in the song.

Meditate might as well be lauded for his brilliant lyricism; a writerly tendencies and concept-heavy craft for an artist of his calibre to weild.  if “Spells” is any indication, his less heady experiments can be every bit as satisfying giving the fact that this track is one of his first experience and exposure.

The artist draws his music inspiration from artists such as Mr probz, Saint Jhn, Manu crooks, Mumford and Sons, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon, Adele and Chase and Status helped generate the hard hitting lyrics of the track to suit the overall theme of the video.

Overall ‘Away’ is a nice and insightful hip-hop song to listen to.

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