Back to the Point brought mindful maturity to pop-punk with their single, YOU!

Just like Neutral Milk Hotel, Back to the Point, make it effortless to fall in love with their punchy sound and quaintly sweet charisma – especially based on their indie power-pop hit, YOU!

The track instantly affirmed that I haven’t left my pop-punk days far behind me for the way I got suckered in by the emotional vulnerability that is cleverly paired against less-than-archetypal instrumentals that bring everything from jangle-pop angular guitars to frenetically chopped synths into the anthemically sugared mix.

Lyrically, YOU! wraps itself around themes of self-acceptance and coming to peace with the past while exploring others’ apprehension and fear around authenticity and ridicule. Quite honestly, my soul needed to hear this matured evolution of the genre. Back to the Point has exactly what it takes to put Suffolk on the pop-punk map.

YOU! is now available to stream on Spotify.

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