Never Seen Again: The Sitch ask for the stars to align on love-lost new single ‘Unread’

As they think deeply about that special soul who made them fall in love, before then disappearing into the sky forever, The Sitch wish that this mysterious angel would just reply even once, just so they knew what happened on ‘Unread‘.

Invigorating Yokohama, Japan-based indie-pop duo The Sitch sweetly fuse that purely mixed music to perfection on a sweet beat that has you wanting more and more. Their energy is genuine and loving, the treasure hunt to find their fleeting partner has you entrenched into their story.

They work together so well as a team, as you get a bit lost in the story with the vocals romantically has you daydreaming deeply about the one that got away in your life. This is a duo who mesh together so nicely, each word is meaningful and you can’t help but like this story that is so well done and delivered with such class.

Unread‘ from joyful Japan-based indie-pop bedroom act The Sitch, is a cute song that has you wondering if they will ever find each other — as the story unravels like a movie — with you wanting them to kiss at the end, to make everything better again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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