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Power Pop duo Ready Set Red has dropped their sticky-sweet debut with single “Daydreamer”

Some Pop artists boast the ability to leave you instantaneously enamoured with their soundscapes and energy. While it doesn’t happen all too often with up and coming artists, Ready Set Red proved with their debut track “Daydreamer” to be amongst the artists with the enviable sticky-sweet charismatic presence.

The Indie Power Pop artist’s offering of high vibe, harmoniously rendered alchemy, contains big choruses, similar to what you could expect from any punchy Maroon 5 track. Yet, the vocals in Daydreamer almost allow the track to veer into the Pop Rock arena thanks to the unrestrained bite which allows passion to pour into the single. Considering that the debut was mixed and mastered by Ready Set Red themselves, debut singles don’t really come much more promising.

It is definitely no surprise that they have been able to amass so much attention to their recently released single.

You can check out Ready Set Red’s debut single Daydreamer for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chandler Reed & the Sticky Keys – Nostalgia: An Arresting Attack of Power Pop Eccentricity

Everyone appreciates a hit of nostalgia from time to time, and Chandler Reed & the Sticky Key’s have created the perfect track to take you back to the simpler times, when music seemed to have authenticity and you didn’t torture yourself for being a little awkward.

Alt Power Pop always seems to pertain an air of uplifting eccentricity, yet in the hands of Chandler Reed & the Sticky Keys the soundscape to their latest single “Nostalgia” hooks you right from the start in the imagery which is weaved into the lyrics. With Nostalgia, you truly get the sense that restraint of expression was never a consideration when the key-driven melodies fused with the instrumental arrangement which created the perfect platform for the distinctive vocals.

Head over to Chandler Reed & the Sticky Key’s official Spotify to hear their single “Nostalgia”.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


VALVE – SHOWREEL: Poignantly Momentous Power Pop

Judging by the mainstream Pop genre, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pop artists no longer have anything conceptual or fresh to offer. Yet, VALVE is a beautiful exception to the rule. VALVE’s latest single SHOWREEL is an overwhelmingly resonant production which comes alive with the perfect pinch of melancholy. There’s a Neo-Classical twist to the instrumentals which makes SHOWREEL as poignantly momentous as it is contemporarily fresh.

The lyrics to SHOWREEL were orchestrated to allow you to slip into the evocative soundscape, yet, the fluidly iridescent vocals and instrumentals are definitely enough to keep you there. The mix of classical strings with electronic effect is unlikely to become a sound that we’ll all get sick of hearing soon.

You can check out VALVE’s latest single which dropped in July 2018 on SoundCloud now along with the other stunning releases from the emerging maestros of Pop. You’ll struggle to find any two tracks that sound remotely similar.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




The Winter Project – Kismet: The Track that Puts Power back into Pop

We may be on the cusp of Summer, but The Winter Project are one of the hottest Alt Rock Power Pop collectives I’ve devoured the sound in the past few months.

Their punchy Alternative approach to angular guitar progressions packs their latest single Kismet with so much hype that if you didn’t feel anything as the sonic licks soar through the melodies I’d say you’re pretty much dead inside. The Power Pop riffs carry a dizzying amount of bounce as they clash against the Winter Project’s vocal offering which may be a tad on the nasal side, however that just adds to the ethereally raucous emotion that is poured into my personal favourite track Kismet. Lyrically, you can expect an angsty offering of emotive fury pensively poured into mic under fine dictation.

You can check out the Winter Project’s single Kismet via SoundCloud now, fans of New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday and All Time Low, you’re in for a treat with the bands 5-track 2017 EP ‘Salt and Misery’. Prepare for an emotional experience.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Art Theefe Release Power-Pop Rock Track “Lovers Lane”

Anyone described as “seriously gorgeous sounds” by such as a songwriter as The Waterboys head honcho Mike Scott has to be someone you need to check out. When you do you will see that he has a valid point. Art Theefe blends so many classic sounds but does so deftly and delicately that gorgeous is certainly the word for it. As the band themselves have always pointed out good artists copy, great artists steal, I guess the clue is in the name! But even though you can see what is under the musical hood, they still fashion a musical vehicle that is unique and a brilliant sonic ride.

A dash of Kink’s kitchen sink drama and wry, quintessentially English humour, a touch of classic singer songwriter such as Dylan and the aforementioned Mr Scott, a smooth Steely Dan vibe and even some Van Morrison Celtic rock mystique and you have a fantastic slice of power-pop, slightly Paisley psych and bluesy-rock all rolled into one. And as much as you can detect these hints of the past it feels nothing less than the way forward.

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