Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State’

2020 brings us a furiously and intense new single, ‘Flow State‘ is the latest track to come from exciting Dubstep producer Asher Shashaty.

Inspired to start creating music after watching Crizzly perform live, Asher Shashaty is a talented producer who you can see puts in 100% with his blowing beats that takes the top off any sports car. The Dub flows through each second here to give you instant satisfaction.

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State‘ and this finds him in full form with lots of breaks that takes your soul for a rip-roaring ride to outta space. This is a fun song, one for the dance floors of the world, where they are open. The beat swirls into your ears, your heart beats so fast on this track. This is a new effort from this excellent producer and his is in fire form, you want more music and the head never stops bobbing around in excitement. This is a dub track that keeps everyone happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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