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She Gonna Shake It: Gloo only has one thing on his mind on ‘Till The Morning’

With a party style that has the speakers blushing with excitement, Gloo is ready to do whatever is necessary to keep the night alive ‘Till The Morning‘.

Gloo is a confident new rapper who eloquently flows in hot with that extra hunger in his smoke-filled lungs, that let’s you know that he is totally serious about partying as long and as hard as he can, no matter what other things come along.

He raps with that sensual energy on the move-like story of being in the zone that you don’t ever what to stop. You know that this day will end sometime when you have to settle down, but its not today as he rampages into the sweaty airwaves with reckless abandon, as he only has ladies on his mind and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This is his time and that time is right now to stay young and wild.

Till The Morning‘ from the brutally honest rapper Gloo, is the story of a man on a mission to have as much fun possible before his number is called, as he wants it all and he wants it now.

Hear this new track on YouTube and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In the mood for having fun: Damola Davis bring the heat with the catchy gem ‘Oshomo’

Damola Davis returns with his charmingly pleasing style to get the party started, on the freshly-brewed bass sounds of ‘Oshomo‘.

Nigeria-raised, UK-born Afrobeats/Dancehall artist Adedamola Ogundipe aka Damola Davis, makes the type of music that gets you out of the corner of the club and into the limelight. With a voice that gets you smiling, he projects a vibe that you can’t help but like and you feel compelled to groove the whole night.

After spending most of his childhood in Ibadan, Nigeria-you can feel his pure love for making that true sound as music runs through his veins. This is a man with an inner knowledge of what the people want and he delivers here with a song that makes dancers out of novices.

A diverse artist who has been in bands before and tried out different genres, it feels like he is happy with this particular sound for now and is only going to get better like fine wine. His vocals are exciting like scoring a 89th minute free kick to win the World Cup and with a beat that is so hot you might get sunstroke in the blazing heat, this is a winner all the way.

Oshomo‘ from the exciting talent Damola Davis is that Dancehall fused sound that blends rather smoothly with a taste of Afrobeats, to get you in the mood to up your confidence level. He has an illuminating personality that makes him stand out from the rest and this is the song you turn on if everyone is bored with the DJ, as you know the audience will be dancing again thanks to this gem of a single.

Stream this bouncy party track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All about the party: Subterranean Polar Bear drops simmering summer EDM gem ‘Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver’

With useful help from his trusty pug Taco, Subterranean Polar Bear is back with his latest dance-laden catchy new track, that will lift your body from the couch to the dance floor called “Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver“.

Subterranean Polar Bear is an exciting EDM producer and vocalist, who makes that party music which swirls into your heart like flying down a invigorating water slide, as your willing soul laps up this wonderful experience of breathtaking beats.

This is the summer story about knowing you are the life of the party and want nothing more than a good night with the crowd having a great time, while you have your own exciting house party before starting it all over again the next day.

The beat is marvelous as it captures those fun times out with friends at the club or by the pool, with added vocals that are raw and capture the mood perfectly.

Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver” from Subterranean Polar Bear  is an EDM smash-through that will have you tapping your feet and turning the volume up. Being the life of the party is the best way to ensure a happy heart after all.

Hear this fast-paced track on Soundcloud and see more exciting adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Party it up at home with ‘Tequila Movement’ thanks to entertaining Leeds producer Big Jadavid

Even though the UK is engulfed in another lock down- much to the searing frustration of the locals- great music is made each hour. This is one of those times as Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid has just blessed our party-hungry souls with an absolute ripper called ‘Tequila Movement‘ that Shane Warne would be proud of.

With a sweaty beat that reminds you of the good times in the local nightclub, Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid gives us something to be happy about with ‘Tequila Movement’, a pumping dance single that has a smashing beat and lyrics that helps us reminisce about being friends, meeting new friends, and drinking those tasty but headache-fueled shooters. The power of the song is like a strong wave in the ocean, and is equally refreshing for the tired hearts out there in the world.

This is an entertaining EDM song that pushes our mood up all the way to 10, and doesn’t stop the whole way. A welcome track to help us forget about previous worries, even just for 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this new track.

Find out more on the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State’

2020 brings us a furiously and intense new single, ‘Flow State‘ is the latest track to come from exciting Dubstep producer Asher Shashaty.

Inspired to start creating music after watching Crizzly perform live, Asher Shashaty is a talented producer who you can see puts in 100% with his blowing beats that takes the top off any sports car. The Dub flows through each second here to give you instant satisfaction.

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State‘ and this finds him in full form with lots of breaks that takes your soul for a rip-roaring ride to outta space. This is a fun song, one for the dance floors of the world, where they are open. The beat swirls into your ears, your heart beats so fast on this track. This is a new effort from this excellent producer and his is in fire form, you want more music and the head never stops bobbing around in excitement. This is a dub track that keeps everyone happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inzenze slides with the fantastic ‘Save Me’

After the success of his last release Don’t Stop, EDM artist and producer Inzenze is back with his brand new song called ‘Save Me‘.

There is a definite old school feel here with a 90’s vibe. I remember busting my ill-advised dance moves to songs like this back in the day and I like the beat here. The energy is translucent and you get lost in the song, with the peak being extra impressive. You just want to dance here and get that body moving. There is 90’s house, Disco and Dance all cut to perfecting like a fine dining chef’s main course.

Inzenze slides in with the dance-lit luscious sounds coming from his new ‘Save Me‘. This is an awesome song to pump loud on the weekends. With lots of hype and lots of love being showed all over the world, this is an extra gem to be added to the discography and playlists.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

India’s Avaastavik thumps in with powerful psy trance ‘Aagam’

Released off the young and rising BlackTalk Records, Avaastavik Aagam‘ is a powerfully potion that has just swooped in to help us get over being stuck inside.

Avaastavik is an Indian DJ and producer specializing in the subgenre of psychedelic trance, techno and heavy bass trap. This song slams in with confident swagger and the music video is fantastic.

A serpent around his neck, the embellishing crescent moon on his head, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, the third eye on his forehead, the trishula, as his weapon, and the damaru. Mahadev is here. The wait is over. Every second of this track has something thrilling in store for you. ‘Aagam‘ lays bare the heartfelt love of Mahadev for his worshippers behind the sacred Ananda tandava and the opening of the third eye.

The electrifying psytrance beats are great to dance to and Avaastavik has pounced in with ‘Aagam‘.

Stream here for this striking video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Forget your worries with fantastic DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman exclusive ”House Arrest Radio Episode 2 Still Quarantined May 2020”

Ah yes. A music mix that has been carefully created for these troubled times in lockdown. Music is the only cure and these two DJ’s know it. Are you ready?

DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman from New York City bring us this banging exclusive and it’s a pleasure on the ears and sore heart. I am jamming along in the lounge and smiling at the classics that are fired through the desks into my happy face. This is the follow up to March’s wildly successful mix and they have been carefully putting this together for us to devour like hungry cats that have just woken up and need feeding.

”House Arrest Radio Episode 2 Still Quarantined May 2020” gets the business done and I can’t recommend this mix enough. The classics are here from all the legends and they have gone above and beyond. The DJ’s even added in Akon’s ”Locked Up” which brought me back down memory lane. With artists like Queen, Culture Beat and fittingly Swedish House Mafia end off the mix with ”Save The World”.

Here is the track list below just to wet your lips in anticipation:

This is real
Mr. vain
Rhythm is a dancer
Use somebody
Somebody I used to know
Don’t cha
Push it
It’s my life
Radio Gaga (ML x RR EDIT)
Eye of the tiger
Livin on a prayer
Locked up
Bored in the house
Intoxicated Weekend
Bad habit
Better off (ML x RR EDIT)
Million Voices (ML x RR EDIT)
King & Queens
Dancing On My Own (ML x RR EDIT)
Love My Friends
Feel it @ Night (ML x RR EDIT)
Step By Step
Save Me Tonight
Save The World

Check out this incredibly created mix here on Soundcloud and turn the volume on real high. Thank you DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman. You have saved some souls with this creation.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen