K1C3V5K1 releases new electronic album ‘Up All Night’

Serbian music producers Goran Radinovic, Darko Stanojevic and Zoran Zivokovic have been making electronic dance music since 2004, all their hard work comes to play in their new release ‘Up All Night’.

Combining future house, deep house and big room together they created their eleven-track album. They draw inspirations from The Prodigy, Sash and Martin Garrix.

The whole anthology has this crazy infectious sound one that instantly boosts your mood and has this insane rhythm. To be able to create electronic music takes a lot of talent, knowing what effects to put in where, putting them breakdowns in the best place and building this overall suspense throughout, K1C3V5K1 definitely do that.

From the start it’s all fairly low-pace and as the middle begins to creep up, the drawn out voices begins to lead up to the manic breakdowns and that same high energetic sound takes you all the way through till the end.

K1C3V5K1 surely knows how to make some killer tracks that will definitely get you up and moving.

Head on over to Spotify to check out K1C3V5K1’s new album Up All Night.

Review by Karley Myall

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