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Not Uncomplicated – Hypercube: Meet the Artist Making Dubstep More Progressive Than Ever

Up and coming artist Not Uncomplicated has welcomed us into a new era of dubstep with their latest track “Hypercube”. Instead of your usual filthy reverberant bassy beats right the way through, Not Uncomplicated plays with the textures and tonality of each layer until the drop you never thought was going to come. Rather than having you wait for the drop, Not Uncomplicated totally subverts your expectations with Hypercube with the sheer amount of progression found in the mix. What starts out as a slightly lucid, yet still infinitely arrestive mix of electronica transcends into absolute aural chaos and hit you with the same subtlety as a brick in the face.

You can check out Not Uncomplicated’s latest mix Hypercube which was released on May 15th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NightBird x Smash Hit Combo: Spin the Wheel: The Darkest Dubstep You’ll Hear This Year

Electro & Bass Label Electronyze Me have released yet another sensational production by the French artist NightBird. The Dubstep Metal producer turned his deft hands to Smash Hit Combo’s “Spin the Wheel” to create a refreshingly rare mash up of Dubstep and Metal. It’s pretty safe to say that you won’t find an EDM track as filthy as this. With no exaggeration it makes Nine Inch Nails sound like a Mariah Carey ballad. The Rap Metal vocals were the perfect introduction to the angst-driven offering of pioneering electronica. Whilst the metalcore screamo vocals perfectly matched the electrifyingly harsh beats which had all the dub and reverberant Industrial fuzz you could ever dream of.

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Head on over to SoundCloud to check out his earlier mixes before the Spin the Wheel remix drops.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Xyno – With You: Come Down with Some Ambient Dubstep

Xyno’s latest hit With You featuring Nina Sung is the musicians first attempt at the genre smash of Melodic Dubstep. The debut track With You proves to be the perfect medley of sonorous sound. This track is perfect for the introduction of dubstep it follows all of the same pace with a powerful, hard hitting baseline that’s softly muted to resonate under the talented vocals of Nina Sung.

If you’re a fan of M83 and London Grammar, or any other contemporary minimalist Indie Pop sound, this mix is definitely for you. Whilst Xyno is a relatively fresh-faced contender to the world of music production his music wouldn’t have you believe it. His tracks are mixed with a plethora of layers giving the sound ubiquitous complexity that you can fully immerse yourself within. The choice of Nina Sung’s haunting vocals, was undeniably the highlight of the track. If she was given better lyrics to work with this track would become a piece of art, it deserves to be. Nina Sung has all the delivery yet little poetic meaning behind her sound in the rep

Check out With You feat. Nina Sung on the YouTube link below:

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