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From Surgeon to Synths: CORM!! Unleashed Electrifying Ecstasy with ‘Lose My Mind’

If you tune into one up-and-coming EDM producer this year, make it CORM!! His latest hit, Lose My Mind, which will euphonise the airwaves with exhilaration is set to drop on May 3; when it does, the impact will be colossal.

The anticipation for the first drop builds right from the intro of lush reverb and female vocals, which break through the arcane atmosphere to directly deliver a sensuously melancholic vignette of heartbreak.

The emotional underpinnings may be heavy, but the ecstasy within the electrifyingly layered and heavy bass-bolstered progressions carries them effortlessly allowing pain and vulnerability to transmute into a synthesised storm of vindication which proves that even if you do lose your mind, you can still come to life on the dancefloor.

When CORM!! isn’t proving his mettle as the architect of visceral EDM floor-fillers, he’s going by the name Dr Jason Cormier, donning a white coat and living up to his legacy as a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Inspired by the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, and Tiesto, CORM!! has a varied discography, ranging from dubstep, trap, future house, big room and pop; hit play on Lose My Mind, and you’ll meet a hybridic earworm that won’t just bed down, it will arrest your rhythmic pulses.

For the full CORM!! experience stream the official music video for Lose My Mind on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

nasir mf. pushed the boundaries of sonic expression in his emotion-driven EDM hit, fuckin lonely

If the sub-genre emo EDM doesn’t already exist on some dark and despondent corner on the internet, the electronica producer, nasir mf. started it with his trappy trailblazer of a debut single, fuckin lonely.

After a wavy indie trap prelude, the hit blasts off with a high-fire boost of momentum that allows the track to transcend drum n bass before the candid vocals run through pioneeringly bold lyricism to shatter the stigma attached to admissions of loneliness.

To make such an honest track at any point in their career is a brave move; to choose this track to introduce himself to the world, nasir mf. is a total fucking icon. The Brooklyn-based electronica artist made his debut to carry on the legacy of the black artists before him while pushing the boundaries of sound and expression. In the process of succeeding across the board, he became an instant icon in our view.

Nothing compares to the high of hearing an artist speak the unspoken and fuckin lonely let the euphoric floodgates open. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

fuckin lonely was officially released on December 2nd and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt electro producer Z3LDA delivered cinematic hyper euphoria in their sophomore single, Sincerely, All Caps

The US electronic music composer and computer programmer, Z3LDA, delivered cinematically hyper euphoria with their sophomore single, Sincerely All Caps.

After a series of vocal samples that get you in the right space for the histrionic sonic suggestion, rugged post-punk bass guitars, and one hell of an astutely fraught spacey build-up, the progressive mix descends into a dizzying blend of hard techno and psytrance with a mind-bending BPM. Frenetic enough to make most dubstep sound ambient.

If any new electronic artist deserves to go viral this year, on the basis of the sheer gravitas of Sincerely, All Caps, it is Z3LDA. Love it for the escapism. Love it for the insanity. Love it for the personality, whatever you do, don’t let this stratospherically stellar release slip you by.

Sincerely, All Caps is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

White Lake-based EDM artist Zephyr drops a rip-roaring single about finding your place on ‘I.R.D.K’

Featuring a breathtaking beat that thunders briskly into your mind with such a devastatingly entertaining aplomb, Zephyr seeks that enlightening path that will set the mind free from confusion on ‘I.R.D.K‘.

Josiah Johnston-Hicks aka Zephyr is a 17-year-old White Lake, USA-based EDM producer who loves to fuse in the swirling sounds of Future Bass, House, and Dubstep.

There is eerie energy wrapped all over this hot new single from a mental standpoint that so many of us have faced recently. With an overload of information and too many ways to turn, Zephyr illustrates this vital point to a wondrous effect to get your body moving and your mind thinking extra deep. He seems to totally get the situation that the world is in – and slams the bass down hard to get us dancing again – as he helps the soul revitalize and feel so in tune with the core of the earth again.

I.R.D.K‘ from White Lake, USA-based EDM producer Zephyr, is the type of track that will really make you think about where you actually fit in this rather strange world filled with sketchy alleyways and risky paths that can make you dizzy. Sung with a beautiful tone and featuring a gloriously compact beat that has the windows shuddering and the pesky neighbours startled, this is an absolute revelation of a release from a young artist who has the world at his feet.

Check out this fab new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DC’s Minti takes our breath away with metal-infused dubstep ear-shaker that is, ‘Bandit’

Taken off his recent 3-track EP named ‘Mintality‘, Minti has expertly created something so thrilling you might think that you are in a nightclub video game that has your whole body in a tremendous zone to party all night as the ‘Bandit‘.

Joe Berlin aka Minti is a DC, USA-based self-described 80s hair-metal-meets-dubstep artist who is also a proud graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

If the guitarist from Iron Maiden and Excision were to procreate, their audio child would sound like Minti.” ~ Minti

Swirling upwards from the vicious underground to pinch us awake again, Minti might be one of the most innovative artists around currently as his laser-sharp creation whips you swiftly into shape.

Bandit‘ from the DC-based indie metal/dubstep-fusion solo artist Minti, is a whirlpool of sonic-speed sounds that might splash furiously all over you as you keep spinning until you find that happy place. With a visionary style and an ever-evolving mindset, this is a unique track that shows us all that making music is about constructing something new. In a world that curiously rewards copycats, this is a show of defiance from someone who believes in changing the game.

Making music to inspire others, is the best way to open up our minds to get away from the mind-numbing paste that can undesirably stick all over your soul like discarded chewing gum.

Listen to this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Gods Here – Lights in the Sky: An Ethereally Dark Sci-Fi Thriller

No Gods Here’s latest Alt-Electronica single, ‘Lights in the Sky’, goes beyond sound. The artist and producer orchestrated an ethereally dark sci-fi thriller that unfolds in the space of just 4:33-minutes. It’s safe to say that Jeff Wayne has new competition.

Here’s how No Gods Here sets the scene for Lights in the Sky:

The United Kingdom. 26 December 1980.

As darkness fell, an RAF security patrol observed a series of strange lights descending into the gloom-laden Rendlesham Forest.
An investigative team was dispatched.
The officers noted burn marks and broken branches – a mysterious triangular pattern was also discovered on the forest floor.
This is what they heard.’

At the risk of revealing the plot, Lights in the Sky starts with piercing trepidation that fills you with the same amount of dread as when you know a jump scene is coming in a horror film. Instead of finding an ominous figure in the mirror, you’re slammed into the glitchy static of distorted drum & bass beats that are accented by reports of responders at the scene. Towards the outro, Lights in the Sky submerges itself further into darkness with noisy no-wave inclination.

On that basis, it’s very unlikely we’ll forget the London-based one-man-machine any time soon.

Lights in the Sky is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Open your mind: Min the Universe drops phenomenal ambient EDM remix on ‘Westworld Reanimated’

Min the Universe puts our vivid imagination into a different stratosphere with the bass-pumping Dubstep-infused new track called ‘Westworld Reanimated‘.

This is an exhilarating EDM remake of the wonderful title track from the incredible HBO hit-series Westworld made by the excellent German score composer Ramin Djawadi.

Min the Universe is a globetrotting New York-based guitarist, keyboardist and EDM producer, with an ear for those rare music sounds, that are undeniably electrically-charged to expanded our minds. A huge Westworld fan himself, he has created a masterpiece here that takes you up into the sky and you come back feeling like a different person all together.

The lunar soundscapes are so special and the layers of detail immerses your mind and body to feel something so spectacular, that you will barely believe what you are listening to. Each second is like being in a movie and you find yourself smiling to yourself and remembering how brilliant this series is.

Westworld Reanimated‘ from NYC-based fast-rising EDM producer Min the Universe, is something quite out-of-this world and he treats us to a lesson in appreciation. If you are going to remix a track, you gotta do it with class and try and stamp your own mark on it, to transform the song and make it your own. He has certainly achieved this and with more creations up his sleeve, this is a name to keep a close eye on. If you can keep up with him that is.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State’

2020 brings us a furiously and intense new single, ‘Flow State‘ is the latest track to come from exciting Dubstep producer Asher Shashaty.

Inspired to start creating music after watching Crizzly perform live, Asher Shashaty is a talented producer who you can see puts in 100% with his blowing beats that takes the top off any sports car. The Dub flows through each second here to give you instant satisfaction.

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State‘ and this finds him in full form with lots of breaks that takes your soul for a rip-roaring ride to outta space. This is a fun song, one for the dance floors of the world, where they are open. The beat swirls into your ears, your heart beats so fast on this track. This is a new effort from this excellent producer and his is in fire form, you want more music and the head never stops bobbing around in excitement. This is a dub track that keeps everyone happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andre Meneses has put his own Alex Clare’s Dub Pop hit “Too Close”

Pop hits don’t get much more anthemically infectious than Alex Clare’s Brit-Award-snagging 2011 single Too Close. Well, apart from when emerging artists such as Andre Meneses put their own spin on the sound and project even more soul into the vocals.

Andre Meneses’ slightly whiskey-soaked vocals create an alchemic contrast against the instrumental progressions which remain as effervescent as ever while giving the track a brand new Indie Blues Rock almost grungy edge.

Any fans of Calvin Harris’ sultrily scratchy vocals will easily become enamoured by Andre Meneses’s sublimely serrated cover.

You can check out Andre Meneses’ cover of Too Close which was released on March 20th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Defragz – Cold Winter featuring Messinian: Entrancingly Caustic EDM Trap

With Rap bars which make Xzibit sound positively harmonic and driving bass-soaked beats which will give your headphones a run for their money, Defragz latest track Cold Winter featuring Messinian is an intensely arrestive unmissable feat of EDM Trap.

Despite the fiercely pulsating infusion of bass, locking into the rhythm of this harsh caustic Dubstep track is all too easy. The entrancing mix hooks you in through a melodic Hip Hop prelude before amping up the insanity in this monster of a drop. From there on out, you’re at the mercy of Defragz’s devilish ingenuity.

Cold Winter may be a fairly savage mix, but Defragz infused plenty of euphoric connectable soul, and that’s just one of the alchemic ways he offered authenticity through this deftly polished track.

You can check out Defragz’s latest single which was released on March 20th through Bass Collective Records yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast