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No Gods Here – Lights in the Sky: An Ethereally Dark Sci-Fi Thriller

No Gods Here’s latest Alt-Electronica single, ‘Lights in the Sky’, goes beyond sound. The artist and producer orchestrated an ethereally dark sci-fi thriller that unfolds in the space of just 4:33-minutes. It’s safe to say that Jeff Wayne has new competition.

Here’s how No Gods Here sets the scene for Lights in the Sky:

The United Kingdom. 26 December 1980.

As darkness fell, an RAF security patrol observed a series of strange lights descending into the gloom-laden Rendlesham Forest.
An investigative team was dispatched.
The officers noted burn marks and broken branches – a mysterious triangular pattern was also discovered on the forest floor.
This is what they heard.’

At the risk of revealing the plot, Lights in the Sky starts with piercing trepidation that fills you with the same amount of dread as when you know a jump scene is coming in a horror film. Instead of finding an ominous figure in the mirror, you’re slammed into the glitchy static of distorted drum & bass beats that are accented by reports of responders at the scene. Towards the outro, Lights in the Sky submerges itself further into darkness with noisy no-wave inclination.

On that basis, it’s very unlikely we’ll forget the London-based one-man-machine any time soon.

Lights in the Sky is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Open your mind: Min the Universe drops phenomenal ambient EDM remix on ‘Westworld Reanimated’

Min the Universe puts our vivid imagination into a different stratosphere with the bass-pumping Dubstep-infused new track called ‘Westworld Reanimated‘.

This is an exhilarating EDM remake of the wonderful title track from the incredible HBO hit-series Westworld made by the excellent German score composer Ramin Djawadi.

Min the Universe is a globetrotting New York-based guitarist, keyboardist and EDM producer, with an ear for those rare music sounds, that are undeniably electrically-charged to expanded our minds. A huge Westworld fan himself, he has created a masterpiece here that takes you up into the sky and you come back feeling like a different person all together.

The lunar soundscapes are so special and the layers of detail immerses your mind and body to feel something so spectacular, that you will barely believe what you are listening to. Each second is like being in a movie and you find yourself smiling to yourself and remembering how brilliant this series is.

Westworld Reanimated‘ from NYC-based fast-rising EDM producer Min the Universe, is something quite out-of-this world and he treats us to a lesson in appreciation. If you are going to remix a track, you gotta do it with class and try and stamp your own mark on it, to transform the song and make it your own. He has certainly achieved this and with more creations up his sleeve, this is a name to keep a close eye on. If you can keep up with him that is.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State’

2020 brings us a furiously and intense new single, ‘Flow State‘ is the latest track to come from exciting Dubstep producer Asher Shashaty.

Inspired to start creating music after watching Crizzly perform live, Asher Shashaty is a talented producer who you can see puts in 100% with his blowing beats that takes the top off any sports car. The Dub flows through each second here to give you instant satisfaction.

Asher Shashaty is electric on new dub single ‘Flow State‘ and this finds him in full form with lots of breaks that takes your soul for a rip-roaring ride to outta space. This is a fun song, one for the dance floors of the world, where they are open. The beat swirls into your ears, your heart beats so fast on this track. This is a new effort from this excellent producer and his is in fire form, you want more music and the head never stops bobbing around in excitement. This is a dub track that keeps everyone happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andre Meneses has put his own Alex Clare’s Dub Pop hit “Too Close”

Pop hits don’t get much more anthemically infectious than Alex Clare’s Brit-Award-snagging 2011 single Too Close. Well, apart from when emerging artists such as Andre Meneses put their own spin on the sound and project even more soul into the vocals.

Andre Meneses’ slightly whiskey-soaked vocals create an alchemic contrast against the instrumental progressions which remain as effervescent as ever while giving the track a brand new Indie Blues Rock almost grungy edge.

Any fans of Calvin Harris’ sultrily scratchy vocals will easily become enamoured by Andre Meneses’s sublimely serrated cover.

You can check out Andre Meneses’ cover of Too Close which was released on March 20th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Defragz – Cold Winter featuring Messinian: Entrancingly Caustic EDM Trap

With Rap bars which make Xzibit sound positively harmonic and driving bass-soaked beats which will give your headphones a run for their money, Defragz latest track Cold Winter featuring Messinian is an intensely arrestive unmissable feat of EDM Trap.

Despite the fiercely pulsating infusion of bass, locking into the rhythm of this harsh caustic Dubstep track is all too easy. The entrancing mix hooks you in through a melodic Hip Hop prelude before amping up the insanity in this monster of a drop. From there on out, you’re at the mercy of Defragz’s devilish ingenuity.

Cold Winter may be a fairly savage mix, but Defragz infused plenty of euphoric connectable soul, and that’s just one of the alchemic ways he offered authenticity through this deftly polished track.

You can check out Defragz’s latest single which was released on March 20th through Bass Collective Records yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Steve Ramsingh – Without A Trace: Forward Thinking DnB Extravaganza!

Smooth vocals alongside Drum ‘n Bass have been known to make strange bedfellows but Steve Ramsingh in his single “Without A Trace” artistically blends the two with sophistication and ease. With Drake-like vocals and a bridge that immediately takes you back to club bangers like ‘Wicked Wicked’, this track pulls together the best of both worlds and makes a happy musical marriage in three minutes and fourteen seconds of bliss.

Like any great partnership, don’t expect only sunshine and roses. Ramsingh gets raw and naked in the lyric. His articulation is crystal clear and honest and like many great writers before him, he carefully leaves room for the listener to wonder, to fill in some of the details. The juxtaposition between a hard hitting message of heartbreak and loss, and the warm chords and funky beats, gives the track a darker, deeper meaning.  This talented producer and singer turns excruciating experiences into great dance tracks as artfully as Labyrinth or Chase and Status.

Steve Ramsingh gets a digital gold star on his lapel for “Without A Trace” which is available on Soundcloud.Have a listen, you’ll love it!

Review by Susan Harriott

Hip Hop artist Taran has dropped their most resonant track yet with “Income”

‘Resonant’ and ‘sweet’ may not be terms which you’d commonly associate with Trap music. But up and coming artist Taran aurally ticked both of those boxes with their latest single “Income”.

If you’re as sick of hearing about how minted some Hip Hop artists are and you want to hear lyrics which reflect reality, look no further. Let’s not pretend that the overwhelming majority of us have never been broke. It’s a truth which Taran forces the listener to consider as they listen to the experimental EDM Hip Hop beats carve out trippy fluid melodies. With slight hints of Dubstep in the wavy Trap mix which also serves plenty of groove, it’s clear to see that Taran didn’t set out to assimilate with Income.

You can check out Taran’s latest single Income for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sound Lobotomy – The Elephant & The Rider ft. Meraki

Electronica artists frequently drop mind-altering mixes. But Sound Lobotomy has gone one step further and ensured that your perceptions shift thanks to the bass-driven beats in their latest mix and the inspiration behind their monstrous track.

For their latest single “The Elephant & The Rider” they teamed up Meraki to hold up a much-needed mirror to our contemporary societal struggles. The mix addresses our enlightened consciousness and urges the listener to adopt the fundamental ancient Greek concept of Noesis – the exercise of reason. Through our increased awareness of the world, it’s easy to want to slip into an existential black hole. The Elephant & The Rider is an aural olive branch with the ability to pull you out of the void and back to what it truly means to be human.

You can check out the latest mix from Sound Lobotomy for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PRTYFOUL. – Know The Name: Hard-Hitting Trap Rap Dubstep

It was only natural for the most acclaimed music genre of the first half of the decade -call me EDM- and the most acclaimed one of the second half -call me trap rap- to eventually meet and combine their dynamics. This is what acts like PRTYFOUL. do.

PRTYFOUL. is comprised of music producers HAIKI and NoBveno. With their new sonic blast called “Know The Name” this is what they achieve: This is an explosive marriage of trap rap and dubstep. The song also features rapper Jacky X, whose fast and intricate flows bring a lot to the table during the verses. There is no chorus but a volcanic, eruptive dubstep drop that is delicious. There is a vivid tendency to headbang to this one.

I find this “marriage” of genres if you will, a fairly interesting case. And let us not sleep on the potential for some serious mainstream success that lies here.

This is a hard-hitting track for all you new-age headbangers. Listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Tastee – Daddys Home: Cinematically Caustic Dubstep

With a prelude which may as well be in the Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack, up and coming Dubstep artist Tastee’s latest mix “Daddys Home” definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. But those who like to feel the reverberance of Dubstep between their ribs should definitely indulge in the chaos which is contained in Daddys Home.

Even despite the unpredictable frenzied nature of the track, Daddys Home still remains a darkly danceable drop which stands as a testament to Tastee’s talent as a producer. There’s no denying that Daddys Home is a cinematic feat of pioneering ingenuity – even if it should probably come with a health warning.

You can check out Daddys Home for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast