All Those Times: Melevo knows that the past love is harder to see now on I Wish

Reminiscing about a relationship that sadly faded away in the wind, William Melevo hopes for his ex to be truly happy with her new lover on I Wish.

William Melevo is a Sydney, Australia-based indie singer-songwriter and music teacher who started performing when he was just 13 years old.

In 2022, he gradually made preparation for releasing a debut single as a solo artist. He spent time refining the production of his song, hiring session musicians who’ve played with one of his musical heroes, John Mayer and having his song mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated audio engineer, Beau Vallis.” ~ William Melevo

Exhibiting so much care and self-reflection, William Melevo has made a thought-provoking song for the ages. Brushing away the heartbreak and showing how humanity should act in times of disappointment, this is a superbly created gem of a song.

I Wish from Sydney, Australia-based indie singer-songwriter William Melevo is a truly emotional soundtrack designed to heal his wounds and open up love again. Showing us how to be gracious despite the pain, we find a truly inspiring song to close the door and open up a new path to romance.

Moving on from a past love will always set you free once again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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