All Has Turned To Gray: Enoch Root dives through the living madness on Delusion

Delusion (Single) by Enoch Root

With the much-awaited debut album on the way on 19th February, Enoch Root looks only forward and never back to the wildly raw world which is seething right before our eyes on Delusion.

Enoch Root is a top-quality New York, USA-based indie alternative progressive metal band that was formed by Reese Ortenberg.

Enoch Root is influenced by bands such as The Dear Hunter, Leprous, Rush, Haken, and Porcupine Tree just to name a few, but many other genres and influences sneak their way into the band.” ~ Enoch Root

Vocally edgy and featuring intense lyrics to make you think deeper into the moment, Enoch Root shall formulate a real electricity deep into the lungs of those who don’t have a voice.

Delusion from New York, USA-based indie alt-metal band Enoch Root is a rather influential endeavour made for anyone who needs a lift right now. Vigorous to the core and never letting up while showing us all out of the harsh rubble, this is a courageous single to help us all see the daybreak again.

Listen up to this superb single on Bandcamp. See more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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