Dolce – Concept Distort; R&B Reverberant Bliss

Concept Distort is a R&B Soul track like no other and stands as testament to up and coming artist Dolce’s clearly deft command when it comes to lacing reverberant ambient bliss into his urban soundscapes.

The track may only be 2:26 minutes long, but the catharsis contained within the short progression of Concept Distort is sure to stay with you for long after the track fades out. The Lo Fi recording quality of the Chill Hop mix further amplifies the brevity of the organic emotion and motivation behind this lucidly ethereal soundscape which is left with an air of mystery thanks to the multi-lingual lyrics. Yet, the lyrics which I could decipher were melancholically soulful and served as a pensive tonic perfect to ingest when you’re looking for an aural escape. The carefully orchestrated resonance bleeds through the track to create one of the best down-tempo mixes I have heard this year. To learn that Concept Distort was created using a home studio further adds to the awe of Dolce’s resounding talent. I’d prepare to hear A LOT more from this prodigal son of R&B & Soul.

You can check out Dolce’s latest single Concept Distort which will almost certainly go viral for its melodically sensuous nature by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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