Alexander Joseph – Invincible: Hearteningly Essential Indie Pop

Alexander Joseph

From the first few dreamy notes in Alexander Joseph’s latest Indie single “Invincible”, we were hooked. The sincerity of the soul, the impact of the heartening lyrics and the ingenuity which lies within the modernistic Electronic Indie Rock soundscape ensures that Invincible unravels as a rapturously resonant single.

Alexander Joseph has a different approach to songwriting to most artists. It’s the same approach he uses as a Paralympic and Olympic sports coach. He uplifts and offers support for anyone brave enough to persevere through adversity.

People often talk about needing to be able to separate the art from the artist when arguing about cancel culture, but Alexander Joseph’s single proves just how impossible that is. His inspiring charisma shines right through Invincible.

Invincible is the 5th track on Alexander Joseph’s EP “Broken But Beautiful” which is due for release on September 4th. You’ll be able to check it out for yourselves from the date of release via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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