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The country cowboy with big goals: Pop singer Caesar gives us ‘The Chills’

Cat lover, singer-songwriter and young cowboy Caesar, is back to further enhance his music career with the new single ‘The Chills‘.

This charismatic indie artist has huge goals and a funky fresh fusion of genres intertwined in his soul that makes him stand out from rest of the curious crowd. His vocals are pure and genuine, the flamboyance only makes him more likable to each listener, as he grows his name around the world.

This is the story of love and how you feel so much for that special person in your life. All you want to do is be them and you will do whatever it takes.

If he can stay focused, put the hard work in to master his craft, get brand merchandise and other streams of income flowing nicely to help him pay for studio time and music videos, this is an artist that can rise to wherever he wants to take his music. ‘The Chills‘ from Caesar is a step forward for a young artist that shows the potential needed and just need to put the time in, stay patient and make quality music that inspires.

Hear this awesome new single on his Spotify and see how his music evolves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kei Dii lays their amorous soul bare in the genre-transcending single ‘New Girl in Town’

Breaking artist Kei Dii transcended the notion of genre with their EP ‘Bar-Bies’ which dropped on October 15th, the perfect introduction to their unique brand of urban aural alchemy is undoubtedly ‘New Girl in Town’.

The amorously evocative single laces the romanticism of RnB with the convictive adoration which you will frequently find in Hip Hop, but you’ve never heard a track quite like this before.

It’s practically paradoxical for a track to offer such idyllic resolving melodies while simultaneously delivering hard-hitting energy. Yet, as New Girl in Town runs through, you’ll find that the momentum stems from Kei Dii’s galvanising vibe and passion which they project into the mix without filter, assimilation or constraint.

You can check out Kei Dii’s single New Girl in Town via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London Alt-Indie Trio Alchemy3 Has Made Their Lockdown Debut with “Ride Us Through the Storm”

London-based trio Alchemy3 made their Alt-Indie debut on October 29th with the mesmerically compelling release “Ride Us Through the Storm”. Hit play and you’ll quickly come to realise how they came up with their moniker.

The high-vibe creative expression runs rampant through the tantalising soundscape, which is a minefield of aural curveballs, but each unexpected evolution in the single affirms that Alchemy3 have the ingenuity and the positivity to make a difference to the airwaves.

Ride Us Through the Storm is a track which utterly consumes you when you hit play, and I think we can all agree, aural escapism is more valuable now than ever. With vocals which share hypnotic reminiscence with the likes of Nadine Shah floating atop of the intricately orchestrated instrumental arrangement which mixes acoustic instruments with dreamy electric guitar notes, the single unravels as one of the most stylistically and lyrically profound singles I’ve heard this year.

You can check out Alchemy3’s debut single by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast 

Conrad Ashton’s ‘The Longest Night’ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons

Conrad Ashton’sThe Longest Night‘ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons and this is an incredible song that digs deep inside your soul. This is the type of release that is so rare to hear and comes from a well-respected artist that sings about real stories and experiences.

Soulfully real singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton is a modern indie-rock artist that adds that classic pop sound to to fantastic results. He is a well-respected musician who always puts on a great show live.

You care about them so much and don’t want anything to happen. This is your time to step up and you do, things will be better, you can just feel it. You know that you need and want to be with your friend now, as you will reach their conscious and they will take a 2nd breath to clear out any doubts.

The Longest Night‘ from Conrad Ashton is an inspiring track that shows us the importance of speaking up when you are down. Kind people who can help are out there and you just need to ask for help if you are having suicidal thoughts.

With the way 2020 has been, its so understandable that you can feel helpless right now. This is sung with such passion from a musician who truly gets it. He makes music that is meaningful.

Click here for the Soundcloud page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut track ‘Chapter 1’ from Bombay-born actor and singer Mufasa Mirza is an inspirational tale born from 2020

Debut track ‘Chapter 1‘ from Bombay-born actor and singer Mufasa Mirza is an inspirational tale born from 2020. This is music born from a pandemic and the results are in. This is a song that breaks the glass for anyone who thinks that Indian Hip Hop doesn’t exists. It does.

You are new in the game and you are keen to show your stuff. This is the story of doing what no-one thought you could do. You love pushing yourself and this is your time to start a new journey. This is your time.

Mufasa Mirza is in top form here on ‘Chapter 1‘. He raps with such passion and the lyrics are exciting and passionate. This is a man who lives in LA and the plan was to act and model.

2020 flipped the script and we are blessed to find a new gem from the dust. This is Indian Rap with a difference, this is a track with flair and we are witnessing a new artist who is coming in the game with fresh eyes. Lyrically this song is strong and with a fire beat, we could hear much more from this new rapper who is keen to make it big. He is backing himself and we should too.

Click here for the Spotify music link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Infinity Dragon pushes the boundaries of music with genre-defying ‘Santa Monica’

Infinity Dragon pushes the boundaries of music with genre-defying ‘Santa Monica‘ and this is a song to listen to again and again. It is that good.

Taken off the exciting new full album ‘2Wild‘, Infinity Dragon are in freakishly flourishing form here that ferments so nicely all over your body. When your music influences are Hip Hop, Rock and you love Sade, Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, and Prince, you get the feel for this original artist. The vocals seep into your brain and you get the feeling that you are perhaps witnessing something special. You are right. You are being exposed to greatness.

This is a song that morphs so many genres into one and the mystical mesh is like a perfectly made BBQ. The taste is so good and the smiles lasts for days.

With a freaky fresh beat that kicks down the doors with aplomb, this is that type of song that you rarely hear these days. This is a punishing effort, full of form and flair from Infinity Dragon on ‘Santa Monica‘.

This is about pushing the genres and making music that catches your breath off guard. A song to remember here, this is what 2020 is all about- doing things you thought you would never do.

Click through to the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wavesy and Recet rip through on the electro-rap track ‘Reflections’

Wavesy and Recet rip through on the electro-rap track ‘Reflections‘, this is one of the best tracks of 2020 without any shadow of a doubt.

Wavesy is a personified dream that Cameron Poe created to help convey the old school rock and roll sound with a modern, darker R&B/rap sound that floats through the speaks like a bubble in the wind. This is a quality artist with lots to offer.

Recet is an acclaimed vocalist, drummer, composer, and producer from the thriving Denver music scene. He is a massive name to watch and this song showcases the great work that him and his music partner have made.

You reflect at what you have done in your life. You want to be different and to be yourself. Following your dreams and being yourself is so important to you. This is the core of your beliefs and you will carry on until you have achieved your goals. This is what really matters, not by how cool you are or how many fake friends you kinda know. This is the grown up world that you like to live in.

Wavesy and Recet are on savage form here and this rips a massive hole through the shame that has been 2020. ‘Reflections‘ is one of those songs you can’t stop listening to, the energy is electric and this is a proper song to chew on.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Old Enough’ from Now Defunkt is an ode to the good times

Old Enough‘ from new act Now Defunkt is an ode to past as this is a fantastic new single release.

At the start of the current pandemic, 3 friends- Scott, Steve and James created a song with the expectation that they would simply release the track and then return back to normal life.

After the virus continued, the trio, with the help of their equally talented children and also some loyal friends- are releasing a full album titled ‘Skills Are Handy, Feel is Gold‘ under the name Now Defunkt. This is a good bunch of friends and family who are doing amazing things right now with their music. Sometimes music comes from strange times to help heal us.

Now Defunkt is a creative collective producing primordial sound-box of the soul shifts. With a summer sax vibe, there is lots of sexy people cruising on roller-blades here. This is the song that makes you remember good times, when you were free and not worrying about life.

What started as a simple song evolved into a whole new crew of music and this is one for memory lane. Now Defunkt are a fresh group and ‘Old Enough‘ is a track that needs to be slipped on while with friends. This is an indie summer jam that makes everything feel okay again.

Hear more here on the YouTube.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zen Clef is back with the mysterious debut edm banger ‘Memory Lane’

The talented Zen Clef is back with the mysterious debut edm banger ‘Memory Lane‘ and this one is a track to turn up loud.

This young Music Producer is from New Delhi in India and he makes House, Future Bass and RnB. You can feel this skillful energy on the song, the vibe is electric and you get lost in this song.

You remember those good times, those fun nights out when nothing else mattered. This is that music that makes you smile, makes you dance and get you into the mood. The type of music to enjoy with friends when the world is a fun place again.

Zen Clef mesmerizes with the punchy edm single ‘Memory Lane‘ and this one will take you back to the club without doubt. For a debut track, this is a powerful effort that is full of incredible beats. This multi-talented musician makes other genres and this is a top debut effort.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D-Anna sets the bar high with the elegantly sassy indie pop single ‘Not Today’

The young Russian D-Anna, a singer-songwriter  who now made the move to Boston to study at at Berklee College of Music brings us a lovely single in ‘Not Today‘, and this young singer shows us her incredible vocal ability in her debut single.

Not Today‘ is about letting go of the toxic environments, people, and situations. Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s about freedom and love that exists beyond ego issues. It’s about self-respect and self-value.” – D-Anna

With a sultry voice that flies free like a beautiful butterfly, this is a statement single. A call to say that she is not messing around now, no one is going to hold her down and damage her soul inside. With a pure indie pop with some house elements that drift in nicely like a water-park slide on a Saturday afternoon.

This is a song that makes you think, you smile and admire this artist for her elegant style. You get the feeling that she is finding her voice and is on the way to expressing her message to the world. She has a voice that keeps you lock in and you feel like you have found your new favourite artist.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen