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The Kid and I tackled the sufferance in grief with their Indie Garage Rock hit “White Feather”

The Kid and I’s latest Indie Garage Rock track, “White Feather”, is a tender extension of compassion orchestrated to reach out to anyone who knows how hard the grief hits while validating the struggles of anyone coming of age and attempting not to slip through the cracks.

Their exuberantly raucous Garage sound which is laden with scuzzy hooks amps up the energy while the imploringly empathetic vocals offer a grabbable olive branch of connection. I can imagine it will be a fair while befor the infectiously charismatic chorus stops reverberating around my mind, but the earworm to the epic infusion of Pop Punk, Alt Rock and indie will always be welcome.

You can check out White Feather which dropped on November 13th via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Versonic – Seen It All: An Indie Rock Anthem for the Ennui-Burdened

There was no forgetting Epsom, UK Alt-Indie artist Versonic after we heard their magnetic Indie Shoegaze track, A Second in Time in 2018. This time, they’re back with even more harmonic motion and sonorous lyrical depth with their single “Seen it All”.

Perceptibly, 2020 has had a profound effect on the already highly acclaimed award-winning songwriter Stephen Connor. If you’ve been fraught with ennui recently, it may just feel like the lyricism has been taken from your own unshockable mind which scarcely knows how to react to atrocity anymore.

Despite the resilient upbeat vitality of Seen It All, there’s no retracting the striking melancholy from the lyrics. But that’s not to say that you won’t find plenty of soul-soothing accordance in the driving, cavernous, radiant track which will definitely appeal to any fans of the Alt 90s sound.

Seen It All is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alexander Joseph – Invincible: Hearteningly Essential Indie Pop

Alexander Joseph

From the first few dreamy notes in Alexander Joseph’s latest Indie single “Invincible”, we were hooked. The sincerity of the soul, the impact of the heartening lyrics and the ingenuity which lies within the modernistic Electronic Indie Rock soundscape ensures that Invincible unravels as a rapturously resonant single.

Alexander Joseph has a different approach to songwriting to most artists. It’s the same approach he uses as a Paralympic and Olympic sports coach. He uplifts and offers support for anyone brave enough to persevere through adversity.

People often talk about needing to be able to separate the art from the artist when arguing about cancel culture, but Alexander Joseph’s single proves just how impossible that is. His inspiring charisma shines right through Invincible.

Invincible is the 5th track on Alexander Joseph’s EP “Broken But Beautiful” which is due for release on September 4th. You’ll be able to check it out for yourselves from the date of release via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


That Hidden Promise – You Can Have the World: Captivatingly Sonic Alt Indie

Ahead of their debut album release, UK Alt Indie solo artist That Hidden Promise released their sonically anthemic single “You Can Have the World”. Be prepared for your preconceptions on Indie solo acts to be thrown out of the window when you hit play.

With nuances of 90s Britpop combined with soaring Post Punk guitar hooks, the single is as electric as it is accessible. Any fans of the Manic Street Preachers’ Holy Bible era will be as captivated by the guitar work as we were.

With a higher tempo than your average Indie hit, there’s an intensely momentous feel to You Can Have the World. Yet, none of the angular intricacies was lost from the Post-Punk style guitar progressions.

You can check out You Can Have the World via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Indie Rock artist Jamie Blackburn has dropped their anthemically-charged hit “Just Like Lennon Said”

Up and coming Indie Rock virtuoso Jamie Blackburn has recently dropped their anthemically-charged hit Just Like Lennon Said.

As soon as the massive chorus took hold, I was flooded with the nostalgia of being a teenager and discovering Sum41, the Offspring, Green Day for the first time.

Just Like Lennon Said carries the same energy of Iconic Pop Punk artists while offering plenty of the Isle of Man-based artist’s own ingenuity which comes from mixing elements of Blues, Rock, and British Old School Punk.

Behind the sonic aural euphoria, you’ll find the intricately absorbing guitar lead work which earned Jamie Blackburn his virtuoso stripes. You didn’t think it was just hyperbole, did you?

You can check out Jamie Blackburn’s single Just Like Lennon Said for yourselves by heading over to Spotify where you’ll also catch their earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Prog Rock and Indie Jangle Pop combine in Paper Trails latest single “Inside Out”

Generic Indie Jangle Pop guitars may be all you hear if you turn on any Indie-inclined radio station in 2020, but up and coming artist Paper Trails found a way to bring the captivating alchemy of New Wave right into the 21st century with their progressive Indie single “Inside Out”.

Listening to the Smiths is a rather bitter-sweet experience these days. The only thing that will linger after you hear Inside Out is an earworm.

As soon as the punchy passion-soaked chord progressions start to carve the melodies, you’ll be hit with the excitement of ingesting the energetic ingenuity which was perceptibly poured into Inside Out.

Falling in perfect synergy with the instrumentals are the vocals which offer an evocative sting which is just as potent as Brian Molko’s along with the same accessible warmth as the likes of Paul Draper.

It isn’t every day we get to hear an artist with such a distinctively absorbing guitar style paired with soulfully connectable vocals. Paper Trails’ unique amalgamation of Prog Rock, Britpop and Indie definitely isn’t to be missed.

You can check out Paper Trails’ single Inside Out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast