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Alexander Joseph illuminated the airwaves with his elevated folk-pop single, Guiding Star

If your folk-pop playlists need a boost, the evocatively uplifting latest single, Guiding Star, from Alexander Joseph will elevate them until they reach a new plateau of accordant soul.

If you know all too well how it feels to fear fading into obscurity, Guiding Star will deliver illuminating resonance. Traversing themes of desperation to escape while having no sense of direction was the ultimate affirmation that the singer-songwriter crafted this compassionately melodic single straight from his jaded soul.

There may not be any way to abstract the complexities and uncertainties of life, but hitting play on a track and knowing you’re not the only dog in the disjointing fight is as close to a sanctuary this society can provide.

If you can’t get enough of Alexander Joseph’s consoling lyricism, you don’t have long to wait for the UK artist’s EP, Stop and Breathe, which is due out in October. The EP will be used to raise funds for the charity One Tree Planted, which is combatting the impact of global warming through vital reforestation work.

Guiding Star was officially released on August 25; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

In the wake of trajedy, Alexander Joseph found the beauty in his piano score, Waiting for You

The UK-based singer-songwriter, Alexander Joseph, created an intricately ornate balance of faith, regret and grief in the piano version of his single, Waiting For You, which captured the complexity of the emotions following his grandmother’s passing.

If you know how it feels to know that someone is at peace while they endured the opposite amongst us and for those torrid emotions to be confounded by guilt for not being more supportive while we had the opportunity, Waiting for You will weigh down on you like a tonne of bricks.

Yet, there’s ample solace within the pure soul of the vocals, which anticipate reconnection while the lyrics vow to go on in a way that will minimise regret when our time comes. By blending striking minor keys with major keys in the progressions to brighten the score, Waiting for You unravels to sonically amplify the message that even in the wake of tragedy, life can never be black and white.

Alexander Joseph’s commitment to orchestrating uplifting heartfelt messages is seen throughout his body of work, plenty of which has been lauded by BBC Introducing. When he’s not enriching our musical culture, he coaches the British Wheelchair Tennis Programme. My faith in humanity is officially restored.

Waiting for You will officially release across all major platforms on November 11th. Hear it here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alexander Joseph put us on the right path with his sun-bleached indie-folk serenade, Summertime Compass

The same uniquely captivating feeling that confounded in the raw and confessional sound of Frightened Rabbit and Neutral Milk Hotel can be found in the latest release from the UK singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph.

The acoustic version of Summertime Compass starts with a bluegrassy Americana sun-bleached timbre from the acoustic strings before the summertime serenade builds into an upbeat indie earworm with lyrics that can lighten any perspective on the forthcoming months.

The start of Summer is usually when I roll my eyes with all the trite singles that bubble at the surface of the airwaves but Alexander Joseph definitively proved that there’s some room for endearing originality left in that market after all.

The acoustic version of Summertime Compass will officially release on June 3rd. You can hear it for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alexander Joseph surges upwards to find the light on ‘Firefly’ (Alternate Version)

Originally made with the trusted skills of the much-respected DJ/music producer Rokuro, Alexander Joseph removes the camouflage and sees right through the illuminated lights on the new anthem to brighten up your smile on ‘Firefly(Alternate Version).

Alexander Joseph is a UK-based indie singer-songwriter who has gone back to his grounding roots of indie-pop for this guitar-led single of sterling significance.

His uplifting songs about overcoming obstacles have been a consistent theme throughout his previous work and he remains
committed to channelling important & heartfelt messages through his music.” ~ Alexander Joseph

With one of the most meaningful singles that have been heard in 2022 so far, Alexander Joseph delights in previously unfathomable levels of excellence with ‘Firefly(Alternate Version). This is a must-hear song that has been made to switch on our lights – that are comprehensively alive again – with that fearless fire to achieve anything we set our hearts to.

Firefly(Alternate Version) from UK-based indie singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph, is a foot-tapping delight that urges us to get away from the shadows and rise up high again where we belong. This is one of those tracks that seems to be like a hot water bottle on your unconscious soul – that needs to become alive again – so that you can truly strive over that mountain that has been hiding you away from those good intentions. Showing us how it can be done, this is an important soundtrack that needs to be heard by millions all over this healing world.

Hear this super single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In Aid Of ParalympicsGB: Alexander Joseph urges us to reach for the impossible on ‘Now Or Never’

After travelling the world as a former tennis player on the International circuit and from being a coach at the highest level, Alexander Joseph shows us where the light is on his latest piano-packed track which has been released to assist ParalympicsGB called ‘Now Or Never‘.

Alexander Joseph is a talented UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter. He makes music with a real message that has been created for a true purpose, to bring us all together to hold hands and work as one team.

This uplifting indie pop ‘anthem’ reflects on the challenging circumstances we’ve all been facing through the recent lockdowns, whilst also drawing attention to the amazing achievements of the British para athletes in a bid to lift our spirits and bring us together in the name of sport. Proceeds from streams & downloads will be going to the British Paralympic Association, who are a registered charity & provide essential support to the British athletes and staff in and around the games.” ~ Alexander Joseph

You feel his riveting vocals shine brightly into the sunset-lit sky above, that is awaiting lots of goodness to layer carefully over the healing world. This is a man on a mission to assist a unit he wholeheartedly believes in, and wants to see them do the best that they can. Sung with a real vigor, this is such a quality track which has your whole body shaking in admiration.

Now Or Never‘ from the motivating UK pop singer-songwriter and sports professional Alexander Joseph, is a stunning track that is such a motivating experience. There really is nothing we can’t do if we work together after all.

Sung with such an amazing grace that is wrapped full of belief, this deserves so much love through all the gloom from before. Music and sport really can combine as one to inspire us all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alexander Joseph – Invincible: Hearteningly Essential Indie Pop

Alexander Joseph

From the first few dreamy notes in Alexander Joseph’s latest Indie single “Invincible”, we were hooked. The sincerity of the soul, the impact of the heartening lyrics and the ingenuity which lies within the modernistic Electronic Indie Rock soundscape ensures that Invincible unravels as a rapturously resonant single.

Alexander Joseph has a different approach to songwriting to most artists. It’s the same approach he uses as a Paralympic and Olympic sports coach. He uplifts and offers support for anyone brave enough to persevere through adversity.

People often talk about needing to be able to separate the art from the artist when arguing about cancel culture, but Alexander Joseph’s single proves just how impossible that is. His inspiring charisma shines right through Invincible.

Invincible is the 5th track on Alexander Joseph’s EP “Broken But Beautiful” which is due for release on September 4th. You’ll be able to check it out for yourselves from the date of release via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast