A Wolf Is Clawing At The Door: Raid the Quarry flash back into the light on S.O.S (feat. Logan Christopher)

Taken off their brand new album called Beyond These Castle Walls, Raid the Quarry shows us deep within the extremely vivid darkness that can break even the strongest minds on their excellent new single S.O.S.

Raid the Quarry is a USA-based indie alt/rock band who thunder in with a transformative style which shall rattle many ribcages with a hardcore energy.

The song explores the darkness of that experience, acting as an honest cry for help and a declaration of hope. Logan Christopher of Obsidian Darling is featured on the track as a guest vocalist.” ~ Raid the Quarry

With one of the most striking music videos anyone is likely to see, Raid the Quarry fights through the darkness and emerges through the destructive sewers of doom. Putting out the flames and rocking hard while doing it, we find a dark realm parallel story which is rich in intrigue and total honesty.

S.O.S from USA-based indie alt/rock band Raid the Quarry is that call that so many humans have felt lately. Roaring with that dreaded scrape against the door and loaded with so much quality, to shudder deep within the nightmare that refuses to depart.

When you need support, never be afraid to ask for that potentially light-filled help.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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