Dave Thomas O’Gorman gives us a taste of The Sweetest Blood in his ethereal indie-folk single.

Dave Thomas O'Gorman

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Dave Thomas O’Gorman’s latest single, The Sweetest Blood, will be accordance to the ears of anyone that finds themselves with a preference for the softer and ethereal side of folk.

It won’t just be his imagination that you will get to enjoy when you press play; his melodies are all too easy to slip into and get lost within while the vocals anchor you into the bitter-sweet sentiment of the affably lovelorn single.

Dave Thomas O’Gorman has exactly what it takes to become the Cat Stevens of this generation with his endlessly consoling melodies and vocals that parallel. After racking up over 1 million streams on YouTube, snagging a spot at Longitude Festival and featuring on BBC, RTÉ Radio 1, Newstalk FM, Radio Nova, FM 104, KCLR FM and Galway Bay FM, we certainly aren’t the only ones hyped by his sound.

The Sweetest Blood officially releases on October 28th. Check it out for yourselves via his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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