292 is a smooth move in with ‘Facade’

Charlotte, North Carolina’s 292 drop in with their fire new R&B laced with hoppin’ Hip Hop called ‘Facade‘.

This is all about wanting to find out the full story. You aren’t convinced that what you are seeing and you just want more. You can see the potential and want to look further inside. Will you be able to find out or will things just flatten out?

292 are a talented duo from Charlotte, North Carolina and they have such sultry vocals that encompasses all that is good in the world. The sounds are pure and the beat is there to drive us to the promised land. They are a classy outfit and you can tell that they are ready for the big stage.

292’s ‘Facade‘ is a sparkling effort from these up-comers that are on the right track. Music like that is perfect for those candlelit nights.

Click here to hear the song on Spotify.

Head to Insta to find out more about this models and music duo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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