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Dillon Holder soothes all with defining ‘Find My Way’

Dillon Holder is back with his fantastic new single called ‘Find My Way‘.

Similar to the music of Flying Lotus, Beck, and Knxwledge, Dillon Holder is an up and coming lofi rapper and producer. Coming from just outside of Philadelphia in the USA, the young artist has spent over 10 years mastering his craft. He prides himself on being one of the few artists who is the only one to touch their music, starting from the early production and ending with the mixing and mastering.

Taken off the latest EP ‘Forest Fire Dreams‘, this is a fine song from the young musician who breaks this into two. I love songs with a gap and that change vibes. I like the change and the soothing energy here. This is about finding your way in life and not letting go of the moment.

Find My Way from Dillon Holder is one of the most refreshing songs of 2020 due to it’s great production and fantastic vocals. This is an artist flying high and inspiring us all.

Stream here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Floor 44 play so beautifully on debut ‘The One I Miss’

Canada’s Floor 44 return with this fine new single that tugs on the heartstrings called ‘The One I Miss‘.

Floor 44 is a Toronto based group consisting of Kendrick Ambrose, M. Nazar Syed, Sadiq Amin and Abdullah Malim. They formed in 2019 and have played together ever since. They come from a Pakistani background originating from Karachi. In 2020, they started releasing cover songs and original material that includes piano compositions and full band tracks. Most of their songs are written by Ambrose and Syed with Amin and Malim producing the tracks. They make such a fine team and everyone seems to work in perfect harmony.

You miss her love so much. You begged her to stay but it didn’t happen. You are sad and deep down you think there is still a chance. Will you be able to be with her again or is it all over?

Floor 44 shine with this beautifully constructed track called ‘The One I Miss‘ that makes you sad but happy at the same time. Maybe you are supposed to learn from this lesson and move on.

Stream here for the Spotify page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Landlocked are here with the incredibly beautiful ‘Jupiter’

Landlocked are a young 5 piece band and they are here with this stunning song called ‘Jupiter‘.

You would backpack to the moon to see them smile. This is a love song about wanting that person to be with you so bad. Perhaps the timing is not quite right but you are so confident that this will happen. You feel like you two are meant to be together and will do anything you can to make it happen. You are willing to do what you can but will they show you that they want you too?

Taken off ‘Time For Nothing‘ this is the debut song from the young band from Castle Rock in Colorado in the USA. I love the sweet vocals on this and the band are so good together. This is a story of love and this makes my heart happy. I like the indie folk vibes and they simmer through the madness of the world. Landlocked are a fine young band and their vibe is one that we should listen to again and again.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this magnificent track.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Noel Montenegro sings into our hearts with indie-folk classic ‘Until We’re Old’

Noel Montenegro is here with his soulful message of love on the new track called ‘Until We’re Old‘.

Noel Montenegro is a local singer-songwriter who was born and raised in El Paso. He made a name for himself through his deep-reaching stories of truth and vulnerability. Recollection of adolescence and beauty through truth is what you get when you listen to Noel. The 23 year old songwriter composes music to be felt with each of his songs and this feeling shines through.

Until We’re Old‘ from Noel Montenegro is a beautiful message. This is about being with that person that you love endlessly. You want to be with them until you are both old as you are meant to be together. The road will be tough to get the love in sync but you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Noel Montenegro has a mature and soothing voice that is so great to hear. ‘Until We’re Old‘ is so well thought out and is a modern day indie folk classic for us to listen to over and over again.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Denson Camp strolls into our hearts with the timeless ‘Hello, Time!’

Denson Camp is here with a wonderful song that is both sad and happy at the same time. ‘Hello, Time!’ is the name of the single that is such a gem of a song that needs more love.

Denson Camp is an indie alt-pop indie artist based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Written, recorded, and produced in various bedrooms across America, Denson’s short discography displays experimental song-structures, manipulated, rich vocal harmonies, and lyrics ranging from explosive expressions of joy to quiet, introspective revelations of self-consciousness. With the debut album set for release in very soon, these are exciting times.

You want her to stay and for time to stop. You don’t want to say goodbye as this is the love of your life. This is the person you want to kiss and be with forever and it hurts that you know that it won’t last forever. You love so much and can’t stop thinking about her.

Denson Camp’s ‘Hello, Time!’ has made me a huge fan of this underground act that produces one of my favorite songs of the year. The story is real and the band’s dreamy indie-rock style stuns me back to life as I groove to this track that I can relate to. Real love is hard to find and when you find it, you don’t want to ever lose it.

Stream this fab new single here on Spotify.

Find out more from the band on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York-based Jon Davis sings his heart out on ‘You Will Be Loved’

You Will Be Loved‘ is the brand new release from the quality New York-based singer-songwriter Jon Davis.

Jon Davis was born on a Hopi Indian reservation in Tuba City, Arizona and moved to Colorado when he was 2. This unique early perspective of the world lead him to begin singing at the age of 5, cultivating a love of being creative. In 2017, Jon Davis reentered the music industry in New York City. He signed his first production deal leading to his debut performance of entirely original material at Triad Theater.

This is all about being loved by those close to you and to enjoy life. Keeping secrets and running away will not help you long-term. You are responsible for your choices and will be loved by those close to you no matter what.

You Will Be Loved‘ from Jon Davis is a sterling effort from the New York City singer who has such a pure voice. It’s no wonder that he is riding on a wave right now as each release seems to hit the sweet spot.

Stream this new track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

292 is a smooth move in with ‘Facade’

Charlotte, North Carolina’s 292 drop in with their fire new R&B laced with hoppin’ Hip Hop called ‘Facade‘.

This is all about wanting to find out the full story. You aren’t convinced that what you are seeing and you just want more. You can see the potential and want to look further inside. Will you be able to find out or will things just flatten out?

292 are a talented duo from Charlotte, North Carolina and they have such sultry vocals that encompasses all that is good in the world. The sounds are pure and the beat is there to drive us to the promised land. They are a classy outfit and you can tell that they are ready for the big stage.

292’s ‘Facade‘ is a sparkling effort from these up-comers that are on the right track. Music like that is perfect for those candlelit nights.

Click here to hear the song on Spotify.

Head to Insta to find out more about this models and music duo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen