Artist and Producer Mitch Protheroe – The Rockies: Kaleidoscopic auditory candy for the ears!

Going Up & Growing Up by Mitch Protheroe

“The Rockies’ is a brilliant example of experimental electronic music. Mitch Protheroe outdoes himself by taking all of the excess background samples out and leaving only the best and necessary fillers. In an arena where often times, more is more, this refreshing outpouring of talent without grandiose showboating is just what the digital doctor ordered.

With an expert understanding of levels and ambience, he explains himself fluently without the need for words, easily carrying us along on a warm and welcome wave of harmonic flow, awash with dreamlike, consciousness-expanding musical ideas. It’s Ayahuasca without the nasty tea and self indulgent navel gazing, but with all of the spirit travel and useful introspection. The top-line is true comfort food – it’s light and sufficiently filling, all at the same time, and ties the track together exquisitely by gliding above a simple, catchy baseline.

At 26, Mitch Protheroe displays a well rounded range of abilities usually reserved for older, more seasoned veterans in the game. He is definitely a Pennsylvanian talent that we should all be watching out for.

Listen to “The Rockies” here at bandcamp and tell us what you think. It’ll be worth it!

Review by Susan Harriott

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