Zeke Avery – Henny Talk: Keeping Hip Hop Lit

Zeke Avery may very well be the future of Hip Hop. His latest track Henny Talk is on fire & taking the scene by storm.

His debut track which was released earlier this year is pounding, resonant, pure dirty R&B Hip Hop, not many artists can achieve this level of flow in their tracks. Yet the Connecticut based Rapper & Song Writer infuses such passion within the sound it’s impossible not to be encapsulated by the infectious tone. It’s a euphoric hyped beat that has been expertly produced.

It’s about time that Zeke Avery took centre stage after ghost writing for other artists. Even though this track is essentially about being minted and getting wasted. It still captivated me through the charismatic lyrical flow. If any rapper deserves to get wasted on Hennessy, it’s Avery. He’s developed an impeccable style based on his influences which include Rakim, Nas, & DMX. His sound is a cacophony of versatility.

Avery dropped his first ever single, back in December 2016, new music is constantly in demand from his fans, and there is little wonder why, if you like harsh paced R&B; this track is for you.

Check out the official music video to Henny Talk on YouTube now:


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