Lavndr – Follow You: Ambiently Inclined EDM Pop

Sitting somewhere between Pop, Trap and EDM is up and coming artist Lavndr’s latest single ‘Follow You’. If you’re looking for a soulful vibe to add to your playlists, the artist has provided an accessible, progressive, heartfelt sound which won’t fail to leave you sharing in the same emotion which has been poured into the mic through pensively evocative yet soft vocal styling. There was no predicting the down-tempo Rap verses which were weaved into the mix mid-way through the track.

Whilst the pace to Follow You was set to perfection, I couldn’t help but think that the track was slightly lacking in essence. I’d love to hear in the artist’s future releases Lavndr really setting themselves apart from the other EDM Pop artists putting out beats. Having said that, the production to the track is flawless and his ability to create a solid beat is unquestionable.

You can check out Lavndr’s latest single Follow You by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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