Zayd brings us an excellent and meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless’

Zayd sings with such purpose on his new meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless‘.

Nevertheless‘ is based on a true personal story about his continuous battle with suicidal thoughts and mental health. Zayd wants to tell his story to raise awareness and ask everyone to reach out to their family and friends to help them before it’s too late. For the video, Zayd collaborated with filmmaker/photographer Sean He, who is also his best friend. This is a terrific partnership and you can tell they know each other well.

The song is based on an actual dream that Zayd had. In that dream he saw himself dead and walking around as a spirit. When walking around as a spirit, he realized that he was afraid to lose what he had loved and built and cared for in his life. He also realized how taking his own life would impact everybody connected to him and how some of them might end up choosing the
same path as well. When he woke up and realized all it was a dream he also realized that it was time to talk with someone, to get professional help so that this wouldn’t happen. And that’s the message this artist strongly wants to convey to listener. He says ” It’s difficult to talk, it’s difficult to open up, but trust your loved ones and open up before it’s too late.”

What an inspirational message and the video is perfect. I like how this was shot by his best friend who knows him the best. This way, he was able to perfectly capture his friend the way he knows him.

‘Nevertheless‘ is one of the most striking indie songs of the year. This is a difficult topic and perhaps you are feeling sad today while reading, Please speak up to people you trust as they will and can help.

Zayd shows us his thoughts here and he is very brave to do so. Thank goodness he got help and surely this song will help so many people.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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