“What Kind Of Love” By Storm Of The Century, The Song For Every Moment

If you love guitar inspired rock then Storm Of The Century’s “What Kind Of Love” is the song you should be listening to right now. This enchanting song is all you need to turn a sad boring day into an exciting and memorable moment. Like all their other songs, what kind of love is one music that lovers of good music will no doubt fall heads over heal for.

Teaming up with other artists in the industry, songwriter and renowned guitarist Scott Martin delivers one of his groups best tunes yet. Still fresh in airwaves even after 10 months, “What Kind Of Love” is one music you’ll definitely want to leave on replay. You can’t just hate these guys, I mean; they keep releasing hit after hit. Although Storm Of The Century’s “City By The Sea” enjoyed airplay, “What Kind Of Love” promises to surpass this milestone by becoming one of their most promising releases to date. This isn’t surprising giving the massive feedback the song has enjoyed since it was released.

For music lovers who just want to fizzle into wonderland, leaving their pains and worries behind, this is that magical tune you have been looking for. “What Kind Of Love” just does it for me. It is my go to song when I just need to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

Yes, I have heard a million and one guitar inspired rock music tracks, but there is something about Storm Of The Century’s “What Kind Of Love” that just leaves you breathless. The production is simply sublime with a combination of musical instrument designed to produce a powerful and captivating instrumental you can’t resist. Even without lyrics, the instrumental of what kind of love is enough to enchant you, luring you into realms beyond your control.

The lyrics are so powerful you’ll stop for a while to ponder over the powerful words engrained in this music. To get a feel of what I mean, you wouldn’t want to listen to this music on your Smartphone speaker. The song is best enjoyed with your ear piece on or better still on a nice bose stereo set.

If you truly love guitar inspired rock, “What Kind Of Love” should feature proudly on your playlist. And with Storm Of The Century’s “What Kind Of Love” enjoying massive streaming and airplay, it is only a matter of time before they start topping major charts.

While this group continues to go on tour, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, enjoy this song that is currently trending and hope they drop another monster hit in the coming weeks or months. For now, we wish them the best of luck in their career.

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