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SLMP are set to release their soulfully consoling single ‘2012’ feat Duke Sims and Crystalla Gonzalez


Silver Lining Music Publishing (SLMP) collaborate with musicians worldwide to create unique yet accessibly consoling music, orchestrated with the intention of making listeners’ lives brighter, less confusing and more interconnected.

‘2012’ is the forthcoming Soul Pop release which features Duke Sims and Crystalla Gonzalez, the track was written for a friend who attempted suicide, it sonorously reaches out to the listener, serving an essential reminder to reach out if you’re suffering.

‘When you’re feeling that way, just call me, we don’t have to say anything at all’ busts the myth that reaching out needs to involve difficult conversations, it doesn’t. It makes the world of difference just to know someone is there, that someone cares. Those sentiments may seem flat when expressed through the written word, which is why 2012 is an exponentially essential track which you’ll definitely want to explore for yourselves.

You’ll have to wait a little longer to check out the single for yourselves. In the meantime, you can pre-save the track on Spotify and follow SLMP on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Home’ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a real story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious

Home‘ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious and feeling so locked up inside our homes. There is a cutting edge here, the song is sharp and is like nothing else out there. Pianosynthvocalstuff is the self-description of this authentic artist and this is a track you have to admire.

With an atmospheric start that feels like it belongs in a movie,you get the impression that something really different is about to emerge from the brain of this incredible musician.

There is a void in your life right now and you want to be outside, seeing things, learning new skills and moving around. The world is locked for a while and this is a test of your patience.

Miami-born Joy Morales sings with such vigor on ‘Home‘ and she opens the squeaky door into her vividly described world. With a gritty passion and a style that is so unique to the music world. Her story is real and so relevant as we all try and keep our mental health stable, despite the catastrophic world that is burning currently.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


North West England’s NTHN brings us hauntingly beautiful album ‘Delta’

UK singer-producer NTHN brings us a real gem with the release of his latest indie-electronic album called ‘Delta‘.

Singer and producer from the North West in England, NTHN draws from hip hop and emo rap. Composing and sampling dark and ambient atmospheric sounds inspired by metal and emo genres, NTHN is inspired by his immediate surroundings and is using his music to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and displays of vulnerability. A self-taught producer, he started out as purely instrumental but has begun to bring in his own vocals as he becomes more confident in his sound.

Expansive and nuanced, NTHN’s debut album ‘Delta‘ is a candid and therapeutic exploration into his own journey with mental health. Taking inspiration from early Bring Me The Horizon and Clams Casino, this new album sees NTHN exploring new sounds and influences whilst resampling his older work providing seamless continuity.

Totally written and recorded and produced by himself, NTHN explains the process as cathartic, allowing him to accept the many facets of his identity. Wanting to break the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly men’s mental health, ‘Delta‘ is structured in three distinct phases; awareness, acceptance and action. Wanting to celebrate his different influences and showcase his versatility as an artist, the album varies in genre, with each track addressing a different aspect of his struggle with mental health. He certainly has achieved his goal here as standout tracks ‘Alone’ and ‘Enough’ are so terrific and really hit home the hard truths of the powerful mind.

I love how honest this album is. NTHN has brought us an important message and the hope is that other men reach out if they are feeling down. The only way to feel better is to reach out to those close to you as another soul is so important to your heart right now. With closed doors and staying inside too much due to covid, mental health is even more vital right now. ‘Delta‘ is such a terrific release and helps with it’s soothing energy and top production. This is a top release that must be heard by young and old.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Zayd brings us an excellent and meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless’

Zayd sings with such purpose on his new meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless‘.

Nevertheless‘ is based on a true personal story about his continuous battle with suicidal thoughts and mental health. Zayd wants to tell his story to raise awareness and ask everyone to reach out to their family and friends to help them before it’s too late. For the video, Zayd collaborated with filmmaker/photographer Sean He, who is also his best friend. This is a terrific partnership and you can tell they know each other well.

The song is based on an actual dream that Zayd had. In that dream he saw himself dead and walking around as a spirit. When walking around as a spirit, he realized that he was afraid to lose what he had loved and built and cared for in his life. He also realized how taking his own life would impact everybody connected to him and how some of them might end up choosing the
same path as well. When he woke up and realized all it was a dream he also realized that it was time to talk with someone, to get professional help so that this wouldn’t happen. And that’s the message this artist strongly wants to convey to listener. He says ” It’s difficult to talk, it’s difficult to open up, but trust your loved ones and open up before it’s too late.”

What an inspirational message and the video is perfect. I like how this was shot by his best friend who knows him the best. This way, he was able to perfectly capture his friend the way he knows him.

‘Nevertheless‘ is one of the most striking indie songs of the year. This is a difficult topic and perhaps you are feeling sad today while reading, Please speak up to people you trust as they will and can help.

Zayd shows us his thoughts here and he is very brave to do so. Thank goodness he got help and surely this song will help so many people.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canadian Rocker ZAYD shares personal pain about domestic violence with ‘’Father’’

‘’Father is a song based on a true personal story. It represents one of the most untold stories. Domestic violence is often labeled as a problem coming from broken families or those with lower social status.’’

‘ZAYD’ reveals part of his own story in the song as he is left to grapple with the aftermath. ‘’Father’’ is a song that describes the long lasting effects of the rage, the hurt, and the depression that a person can be left feeling for years after. It can cause a person to feel hopeless, lost and unworthy.

Through his music, ‘ZAYD’ aims to help those who have undergone similar situations. His goal is to help individuals along the path of healing by providing an outlet in his songs as well as the knowledge that there are others out there that have and are still fighting the same battle. It’s about replacing the negative feelings with the positive feelings of hope, love and a brighter future ahead. This song is about raising awareness of mental health and your voice, to protect children and other victims of abuse.

I really admire ‘ZAYD’ for coming out with this song. It’s deeply personal, hard hitting and you can hear the hurt & pain in his voice. This is a guy I will personally support and I hope his message inspires even one person. I’m sure it will. Music does indeed heal all.

Support this fantastic artist with his hard-hitting music on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Darro Invites You to Be Proud of Your Eccentricities and Anger with Their Single “You’re Not Insane”

With increasing numbers of people questioning their own sanity and chastising themselves for not quite fitting into the confines of unattainable normalcy, every now and again we need a little reminder that we’re not insane.

Which is exactly what up and coming Pop Punk artist Darro has done with their latest single “You’re Not Insane”. Before you even click play you already know that you’re about to be immersed in a single which will allow you to confront your own self-criticism for your idiosyncrasies. But instead of offering daunting sobering content, you’ll find an infectiously euphoric offering of punchy Alt Rock.

The track provides all the catharsis which you’d find in iconic hits from the likes of Simple Plan, Blink 182, Green Day, and All Time Low. Yet, the contemporary resonance behind the single makes You’re Not Insane a playlist essential.

The energy which Darro brings to the track, definitely isn’t something that you hear every day, as well as having potentially the most comforting vocals in Pop Punk, there’s authenticity behind the performance. Many artists proclaim that they make music to make people feel good, but Darro makes them look like beauty pageant contestants all claiming that all they really want is world peace.

You can check out the official music video to Darro’s latest single You’re Not Insane by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast