New Fridge – Global Warning

An incessant beat, accompanied by samples of a 2nd World War siren and some Morse code, encourage us to heed what we’re about to hear from the mouth of Michael Fridge. The Australian frontman reminds me of Tim Minchin, with a dash of Johnny Rotten, as he takes us through various examples of humanity’s negligence.

Global Warning fuses periods of clever lyricism, which are littered with examples of our culpability in regards to our planet’s health, and some basic repetition. At times, the song’s pace is so frenetic that you feel yourself becoming stressed by an urgency that’ll soon become yours. In fact, repeated listens make you feel like you’re being bludgeoned around the head by a truth that we’re all trying to forget.

The consensus seems to be that unless we change our ways, our story might end how we’re told it began. I believe, in the future, questions will be asked about why it took us so long to wake up to the consequences of our actions. I guess if we want to know how serious things have become, perhaps we should take New Fridge’s advice and take the pulse of this dying Earth.

Review By Lisa Knight

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