Zack Kirkorian Held No Prisoners in His Riff-in-Cheek Rhythmic Revolt Against Self-Obsessed Drama in ‘Tell Somebody’

One of the fieriest renegades in alt-rock, Zack Kirkorian, has ignited the airwaves once again with his latest single, Tell Somebody. The riff-in-cheek riptide of amplified contempt holds no prisoners as it launches a scathing attack on the kind of people who plague lives through their incessant self-obsession that is paraded as self-pity. We all know them, now we all have the perfect ammunition to launch at them or simply find catharsis in.

The exhilarant tour de force captures Zack Kirkorian at his most uninhibited as he rolls with the rhythmic punches in the same vein as the New York Dolls and proto-punk pioneers. You can’t help getting caught up in the frenetic fever of classic rock being filtered through a Zappa-esque lens.

There are few artists who can truly emulate the verve of the Sunset Strip. After blazing down it and touring in iconic bands, Zack Kirkorian is one of the rare rebels who can revive the golden era of rock with swathes of infectious authenticity. Notably, he was placed on the official ballot for the Grammy Awards for a reason.

Tell Somebody was officially released on May 28; stream the single on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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