If I Could Only Make You Mine: The Kindest People show us why it really matters on ‘Wedding Day’

Formally a surf rock act that skillfully rode the sea-filled waves trying to catch the best barrels imaginable, The Kindest People show us their growing maturity on their latest single called ‘Wedding Day‘.

The Kindest People is a four-piece Johnson City, Tennessee-based indie garage rock outfit. Featuring intricate solos through guitar and drums, this is a ravishing track from a band who certainly know how to wake you up from any previously drowsy sleep-infused naps.

The band combines slick, catchy melodies with a large variety of instrumentation in order to frankenstein their own unique sound of rock and roll.” ~ The Kindest People

There is so much passion and introspection wrapped inside this tasty sandwich of an experience, with rampaging riffs to nibble on ravenously. The pace is high tempo all the way with no let ups, as you gaze outside and think deeply about your own path to that altar.

Wedding Day‘ from the Johnson City, Tennessee-based indie garage rock band The Kindest People, rockets through your sleepy eyes and helps us face our fears one at a time. This is a hard-hitting song about wondering through this special day for so many, and wondering whether it will actually happen with the right person for you. Sung with a heartfelt velocity that spins a web of spidery reflective poison into your mind for an instant, this is a terrific effort from such a criminally underrated band.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more stories on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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