Subterranean Deadbeats debauched Melbourne’s Garage Rock Scene with ‘Hang Me Out’

Spewing Voodoo by Subterranean Deadbeats

Subterranean Deadbeats AKA Melbourne’s answer to the Rolling Stones, with their latest single, Hang Me Out, captured the defiant swagger of 70s garage rock while also tapping into the raw, unfiltered energy of their bluesy, swamp-infused, and wickedly pornographic sound.

Frontman Chris Taranto, alongside his bandmates, has swiftly carved out a niche with their rhythmic revolt to the superficial banality that is choking the music industry; with their scorching guitars and Taranto’s versatile vocal delivery that oscillates between a piercing drawl and a melancholic lament, they’ve delivered what the rock scene has been crying out for.  After filtering through a debauched kaleidoscope of psychedelic grit and haze, their music seeps into the listener’s bones like a sonic contagion that refuses to be cleansed.

With two fingers up to polished pop and TikTok trends, the prodigal pack of renegades is instigating a garage rock insurrection.  Hang Me Out is an audacious call to arms, a dirty, delicious slice of rock that dares you to remain unmoved. With guitar solos that reach the heights of glorious filth and harmonies sweet enough to temper the raucous backbone of their tracks, Subterranean Deadbeats aren’t merely reviving the soul of rock and roll—they are imbuing it with sacrilegious vitality.

For anyone yearning for the days when music was a revolutionary act, not just background noise, Hang Me Out proves that the spirit of rock isn’t just alive; it’s kicking, screaming, and ready to convert the uninitiated. Listen, but be warned: the Subterranean Deadbeats might just make a believer out of you.

Stream and download Hang Me Out on Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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