You Gotta Ball: Chicago underground rapper Dino feels invincible on intent-filled new single ‘No Hook Menace’

With his debut EP on the way soon, Dino dusts off the gloves and gets into the ring with his latest single called ‘No Hook Menace‘.

Brandon Coleman aka Dino, is a self-assured Chicago-based underground hip-hop artist with a ferocious delivery. He makes that raw rap music that swats away the competition easily, with his smartly penned lyrics and confident attitude.

He pulls up with a serious style and makes it known that he is for real. With a potent energy that has you captivated and nodding your head to his sterling effort, that rampages in like a hungry bull who knows where the prey is. He is tired of weak cats talking too much and is only focusing on being better from here on.

No Hook Menace‘ from the emerging Chicago-based artist Dino, is a swashbuckling freestyle-type track that leaves no doubt with his intentions. He is on a mission and doesn’t have time for anyone getting in the way of what he wants with girls, or his music career. This determined attitude has him on form here and with a bouncy beat – as this is a quick-fire track that is filled with smokey hard bars – and an artist who knows exactly what he wants.

You gotta ball after all to win in this life.

Stream this new track on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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