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Chicago-based Mission Stark stays calm and finds that anti-venom within on ‘Snake Bite’

While he certainly regrets the move that made him frigid for a while as he felt the claws of that former lover who he cared for slice into his priceless energy to selfishly snatch his superpowers, Mission Stark knows that he will need time to regain his full strength again with his new single, ‘Snake Bite‘.

Mission Stark aka David Stark is an underground Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who has recently released his 4-track EP, ‘Road of Dark Secrets‘.

He began freestyle rapping at the age of 14 in high school and he started listening and dancing to dubstep which got him into making his own beats.” ~ Mission Stark

As he rises from the depths of despair after feeling the wicked treachery of that despised ex who had undesirable intentions, Mission Stark washes off the strain that struck him down like a malevolent lightning storm and flies high again with a hungry flow that shows his toughness in this challenging world.

Snake Bite‘ from Chicago-based indie Hip hop artist Mission Stark, is a blood-filled track about feeling sapped of your vital warmth by someone who truly swindled you into loving them. After soon realizing that they were definitely up to no good and only interested in taking away your special soul that has suddenly gone cold – this is a heartfelt warning – that should stun many into action before it’s too late.

Rapped with a truthful output that lets you know that he has lived this unnerving experience, this is an insightful release that has you watching your moves and only opening up your heart to those who can look you right in the eye without flinching.

Hear this venom-filled new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Like My Life: 301 Pacs sees the sneaky vultures circling viciously on ‘Life Jacket’

As he looks down and straps up to pre-empt the collision that is possibly on the way, 301 Pacs smartly thinks ahead to be one step ahead of his evil enemies with the excellent new single ‘Life Jacket‘.

301 Pacs is an underground Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop artist who seems to possess a rare skill on the mic to eloquently portray the picture he is presenting.

There is no unnecessary huff and puff that smokes out the whole story here, the flash is instead swapped with that raw storyteller grind that makes him a true unsung gem that needs to be respected. With a razor-like Gillette sharpness that is ready to bleed at any moment, you feel like this is a Lion waiting for his chance to roar into life when provoked too far.

I started writing raps since I was 13 to cope with depressive episodes.” ~ 301 Pacs

Life Jacket‘ from the Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop solo artist 301 Pacs, is a thoroughly passionate freestyle-type track from a hardcore artist who doesn’t mess around. He has tasted success and sees those hawk-like eyes watching his movements – some so-called friends and others known foes – who are just waiting to bring him down when he show any sort of weakness. This is a true story in a dog-eat-dog type of world that voraciously ready to bite your earnings away from your bowl, when you let your leash get too tight and stumble.

Check out this top echelon track via Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Gotta Ball: Chicago underground rapper Dino feels invincible on intent-filled new single ‘No Hook Menace’

With his debut EP on the way soon, Dino dusts off the gloves and gets into the ring with his latest single called ‘No Hook Menace‘.

Brandon Coleman aka Dino, is a self-assured Chicago-based underground hip-hop artist with a ferocious delivery. He makes that raw rap music that swats away the competition easily, with his smartly penned lyrics and confident attitude.

He pulls up with a serious style and makes it known that he is for real. With a potent energy that has you captivated and nodding your head to his sterling effort, that rampages in like a hungry bull who knows where the prey is. He is tired of weak cats talking too much and is only focusing on being better from here on.

No Hook Menace‘ from the emerging Chicago-based artist Dino, is a swashbuckling freestyle-type track that leaves no doubt with his intentions. He is on a mission and doesn’t have time for anyone getting in the way of what he wants with girls, or his music career. This determined attitude has him on form here and with a bouncy beat – as this is a quick-fire track that is filled with smokey hard bars – and an artist who knows exactly what he wants.

You gotta ball after all to win in this life.

Stream this new track on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lyrical assassin Sharif Hassan takes on gold digger culture with ‘Facetime’.

Harlem, New York-hailing rap artist Sharif Hassan points out the pitfalls in Millennial living in their soulful yet savage debut album, ‘Black Millennial’.

You scarcely need his bio to tell you that he started as a slam poet; each line in the standout track, Facetime, is practically a lyrical assassination for anyone with the audacity to buy into gold digger culture. Many rap artists may have enabled the culture by glamorising it, but Sharif Hassan paints a gritty portrait of just how insidious it is. With the dubstep style beats in place of the usual flat 808s, this high vibe vindicating track is well worth consideration for your summer hip hop playlists.

You can check out Sharif Hassan’s 2021 album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New Release A Week Movement: GieoSound shows us what is to come on ‘To Be Continued’

New Release A Week Movement: GieoSound shows us what is to come on ‘To Be Continued‘ and this is a new single that showcases the hard work that needs to take place to make it to the top of the music game.

Based in Surrey in the UK, this is a young and motivated talent that brings his a-game here. The production is alive and the lyrics tell us everything about the future. It is looking promising. With raps, singing and a punchy piano-filled beat, this is a foot-stamping effort.

With lots of determination and the right mindset, this is a musician with a taste for making lots of music and improving the skill set daily.

GieoSound is terrific on ‘To Be Continued‘ and this is a sign to come, a message to the world that this is someone we need to take seriously. Its this type of attitude that wins and the beat meshes so well to percolate a taste that is so welcoming. With more music each week, this is a listen that needs to be bookmarked.

Head through to the Soundcloud for more beats.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

GTD Kari rolls in with fiery flow on ”Like Mike”

The underrated GTD Kari is back in a big way and the young emcee rips in with ”Like Mike”.

Like Mike” from GTD Kari is all about how life is crazy right now for this underground rapper from Sacramento in California. He comes in with finesse on this new single that has a massive freestyle flow that showcase this emcee’s brooding lyrical ability. The consistent flow is refreshing and he is rapping in his own style. This has a 90’s feel fused in with the new school.

US rapper GTD Kari ciphers in with a confident swagger, his music is thoughtful and you can tell that he is original. With so many rappers copying one another, this is dope track that is a true story of trying to make it in this music game. Surviving the hood too. ”Like Mike” from GTD Kari is track that deserves a listen due to the tight flow and real message.

Check out the previous release GTD Kari Ft Lul Jody- Gleeked Up.

Head to his Spotify page.

Click here to check out his Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

AkaMicLarry returns with powerful Hip Hop video for ”George Floyd”

AkaMicLarry is a Colombian born indie artist, freelance music producer, videographer and graphic design artist who has just dropped his visuals for ”George Floyd”.

AkaMicLarry who moved to London with his family when he was young as a refugee, sends out quite the powerful tribute to the sad loss of George Floyd. This song details exactly what happened and the absolute frustration with the local police force. The visuals here are striking with the the protests out in the streets and what is really going on out there.

George Floyd” is a huge statement and the rhymes from AkaMicLarry are of like a freestyler who is making a  raw song with tight flows. This is a Hip Hop charged video and song with a massive message of unity against atrocious acts against the Black community. Black Lives Matter and the huge support has left tremors blowing all the way around the world. Hopefully this song AkaMicLarry helps educate those that think with about anything else they have read or watched on TV.

Stream this new track here on YouTube.

Check out this artist on Facebook.

Gotti 100 sends a message with raw and rugged ”Hood Credit”

Atlantic City rapper Gotti 100 has just got out of jail and he is keen to send out a message. Tired of selling drugs and getting into trouble this young emcee wants to get in the Hip Hop game and ever get out. This is a clear message of his intent and has already made moves by announcing that he is going to be on New York legend Jadakiss’s next mix-tape. This is a great move and one that will help him reach the next level in the crazy Hip Hop world.

Hood Credit” is a statement message from Gotti 100. He is tired of jumping in and out of jail. He knows that hood credit is vital but he wants more. He wants the respect of the whole music scene so he can show what he’s got now. A strong move and this is very honest and self-aware. With a raw flow on this track made from home due to corona this track comes off like a freestyle which is very memorable.

Gotti 100 is a name to watch as he raps his way to the top. With a way in now there is no telling what level he rises to.

Stream this new street banger via his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wondu Proves He Is The Boss

Any musical genre is built on two forces. One playing by the rules, coalescing the genres traditional sounds and accepting its place in the pack, the other pushing the boundaries, testing new waters, beating fresh paths through previously uncharted territory. Wondu is defiantly in the latter category. Yes, Bossman Freestyle is built around a hip-hop vibe and a rap punch but not like any you have heard before. This is hip-hop stripped to brutal and basic building blocks, the beats and the lyrics, and then put back together using stark and edgy street raps and just enough music between the beat and the vocal delivery to smooth things over.

Many artists falling into the loose urban collective try too hard to push boundaries and fuse genres which have no place being intertwined. Usually this is the sonic equivalent of dropping a hand grenade into the middle of the listener’s expectations and then trying to rearrange the debris into new and pleasing shapes. Sure, you really shake things, and then some, but you also find that the result is normally, well…a total disaster. Wondu is happy to work in more familiar territory he just has the ability to strip things back to basics, make things more intense, more honest.

Whiskey Jonez Releases “Blow” – A Track Filled With Electrifying Guitar Freestyle Soloing

Whiskey Jonez is an Austin based guitarist with a sound that is quite interestingly unlike any other. What makes his sound so special is the intriguing blend between metal and hip-hop in a sound that has live performance and freestyle soloing at heart. His latest track “Blow” features this concept clearly and for those who ever wondered what a metal infused solo over a strong driving hip-hop beat sounds like, this is your chance to discover!

From the very beginning the song starts off with a sound that captivates any listener’s attention. The initial electronic sounds might be a bit misleading for some, and as the heavy beat kicks in, the song kicks off a roller-coster-like journey. The beat, providing the backdrop for the guitar solo, remains steady throughout, while the melodic aspect goes on to explore variations of phrases in a freestyle fashion which features metal riffs as well as rhythmic patterns and other soaring licks. As the music video portrays, this music is best experienced live. Something which Whiskey Jonez knows how to do well and is best known for. Overall this song will provide you with a listening experience that is unlike any other. The unlikely combination of hip hop and metal ends up working really well in this case, definitely making Whiskey Jonez’s style one to look out for!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja