YOSHISUHN navigates the human condition in his latest single, MACH SPEED.


‘MACH SPEED (THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED)’ is the latest single released by the luminary, Philadelphia-residing hip hop artist YOSHISUHN.

Every line delivered in this soulfully rendered release is a mic-drop moment, but instead of leaving you introspectively hanging, the inspiring meta wisdom rolls on leaving you utterly ensnared by the artist’s talent with wordplay and his ability to make a direct connection through hip hop.

The raw emotion is perfectly encased in the accordantly hazy production that you’ll want to delve into time and time again; it’s a track that consistently gets better with every listen. Tracks like MACH SPEED may not be able to change your life with one hit, but it will compassionately take the weight off your shoulders as soon as you immerse yourself.

MACH SPEED is now available to stream via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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