Flying High: Queens-based Mirai Tomli takes us to a better place on ‘When We Land’

When we land by Mirai Tomli

Formally of the three-piece group called Nappy Hair, Mirai Tomli rolls into the solo lane ready to cruise smoothly with his latest track called ‘When We Land‘.

Mirai Tomli (formally known as Bosqo), is a Queens, New York City-based neo-soul/RnB/modern blues/music producer/guitarist, and multi-layered entrepreneur.

He shows love to the rest of world to help those who want it most to gain important skills, as his music Entrepreneur Skills Scroll, helps others to gain the knowledge needed to build up that important passive income. He is also involved in Charity:water – which helps provide clean water around the world – and also has a clothing line called Just Function.

This project came from a very secure place in my psyche. I’m trying to create a peaceful learning environment so my music comes in many emotions so I named it Emoji Reels.” – Mirai Tomli

His raw voice shines through the clouds to give you a satisfied smile – as your head nods gently to groove with him – through this peacefully beautiful track. The lights are bright and your imagination comes alive through his passionate vocals and loving lyrics. You just know that his heartfelt music is coming from the right place, as it is made with the best intentions.

When We Land‘ from the quality Queens artist Mirai Tomli, leads us into a place that gives you hope again as the sun starts to rise. This is that first kiss song that has you thinking that when you are together – the madness of the world goes away – whilst you kiss passionately and lock hands as one.

Hear this atmospheric new track on Bandcamp and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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