Winter Drifter – Outlaw Story: A Super-Charged Modern Take on Old School Rock n Roll

Alberta, Canada Rock n Roll raconteurs Winter Drifter released their latest single Outlaw Story on April 4th. If there’s any new Rock track which will get you in the mood for hedonism and deviance, it’s this gasoline-soaked feat of authentic Rock.

The super-charged raunchy Rock riffs come with a slight vitriolic nuanced pinch of Punk Rock and a side serving of sleaze while keeping the track timelessly raucous. Instead of trying to incorporate novel frills, Winter Drifter went full-throttle with the high-octane relentlessly rhythmic thrills.

Their talent is one thing, the dynamic energy and Vedder-style vocals are quite another. I can only imagine how electrifying a live set from the fourpiece would be.

You can check out Outlaw Story for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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