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Eco-Rock Resurgence: The Lürxx’s ‘We Are the Weeds’ Unleashes a Green Rebellion

We Are the Weeds by the Lürxx doesn’t give you a love them or loathe them option; no rock fan could be impervious to the thunderous punch that melds the raucous energy of sleaze rock with a sharp environmental edge.

With their roots firmly planted in the Hollywood glam punk scene, this duo not only revitalises the rock and roll ethos by championing the protection of the natural world in addition to smashing the system. Their music bridges the raw vibe of the 1980s Sunset Strip, reminiscent of legends like Twisted Sister and Guns N’ Roses, with acoustic nuances that echo the Quireboys and Dogs D’Amour all the while being amplified by an energy that’s uniquely their own.

The intoxicating and impactfully dynamic nature warrior punk rock opera is evidence of the duo’s ability to stir the soul and do so without resorting to shaming the listener into action, the installations of zany punk vocals around the classic 80s rock tones ensures the vocal performance perfectly aligns with the spirit of the track which explores the relentless resilience of nature, symbolised by weeds—the unacknowledged heroes of the ecosystem. It’s a powerful metaphor for persistence and survival in a world quick to dismiss the underdog.

Stream the official music video for We Are the Weeds on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Give me fuel, give me DeadFire’s latest single, Pro[Pain]

It was over a year ago when we last heard the premier sleaze rock raconteurs, DeadFire, with their on the pulse hit, Anxiety Society; they’ve worn their societal consciousness on their sleeves once more with their latest single, Pro[Pain]. As democracy dies, no one will be able to hear the cries from the disenfranchised masses over their juggernautical stormer of heavy-hitting rock.

DeadFire picked up all the slack left behind by other UK rock and metal acts that are still letting their egos write their songs. Pro[Pain] is the ultimate slice of sonically monolithic vindication for anyone left reeling by a reality that is quickly becoming defined by greed and exploitation. The next time you feel like checking out of political protest, join the riff-heavy powerhouse at the helm of rebellion by tearing up your speakers with Pro[Pain]. It is enough to make you wonder what Metallica tracks would sound like if Hetfield had an ounce of relatability about him.

Pro[Pain] will be available to stream on Spotify from April 28.

Follow DeadFire via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tin Zelkova has unveiled their NSFW-sexy alt-rock single, Miss Mean Marcella

Sexy enough to be NSFW, Tin Zelkova’s latest debauchedly dark alt-rock single, Miss Mean Marcella, is another radio-ready slice of organically originated rock. It is quite the departure from the soulful sonics we last heard from the three-piece when our ears were candied with the standout single, Soul Shaker, from their debut eponymous LP.

But we were far from disappointed to be drenched in the slick swagger of Miss Mean Marcella, which paints a scintillating picture of the kind of femme fatale that would leave anyone weak at the knees. If the tale of the maleficent mistress doesn’t leave your libido hot under the collar, you might want to check if it still has vital signs. With the guitar lines as loaded as Velvet Revolver’s and the vocals clawing you into the narrative with every honeyed note, Miss Mean Marcella definitively deserves to be a chart-topper.

Miss Mean Marcella was officially released on April 8. Catch it on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The 60s and 70s have swung back with riotous force in At the Arcade’s scuzzed-up slice of garagey alt-rock, With You

At the Arcade served up a sleazily scuzzed slice of garagey alt-rock for their latest single, With You, which puts the emotion into as much overdrive as the riffs. Somewhere between the 60s and the 80s, the riotously eclectic outfit finds its distinctive-by-design prodigal edge that will leave you ricocheting between past eras while affirming that THIS is the sound of the future.

Ensuring that the bouncy and brashy chorus guitars are just as infectious as the salaciously sweet vocals, With You is a track you definitely won’t mind tattooed across your temporal lobe. The Rotherham indie rock aficionados have been revered for their superlatively high-energy shows since 2017. It is about time the airwaves got a taste of their harmony-heavy fervour.

With You was officially released on March 24th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Elegant Chasers has unleashed their scuzzed up 90s Britpop revival, Let’s Ride.

Grunge, sunset sleaze and 90s Britpop viscerally converge in the latest single, Let’s Ride, from the indie nostalgia raconteurs, The Elegant Chasers. The anthemically-layered fuzzed up indie reincarnation is robust enough to shove the most iconic tracks from the 90s into the shoegaze category. The scuzzy guitars distortedly create a platform for the high-energy vocals that fall somewhere between Axl Rose and Ian Brown.

If you’re looking for a full-frontal trip back to the most iconic era of indie, Let’s Ride is your fastest mode of transport.

Let’s Ride is due for release on November 26th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TBelly – I Never Want to See Me Again featuring Dennis Dunaway: The Non-sensically slick rock track of the year.

‘I Never Want to See Me Again’ is the intentionally non-sensical slick rock track from the down and dirty luminary act, TBelly, which has already scored a rave review from Alice Cooper. Who are we to disagree with the God of shock rock?

With Russell Keefe’s gnarled whiskey-soaked vocals against Dennis Dunaway’s equally gruff basslines and the symphonic keys, the enticingly euphoric hit hits the sweet spot; repeatedly.

If you can imagine what it sounds like from the gutter of the sunset strip, you’ll get an idea of what is on offer here. The best part? I Never Want to See Me Again evades every rock n roll cliché with the playful humility shown, but don’t worry, there are enough virtuosic short and sweet riffs to sate your rock n roll appetite.

You can stream the official music video for I Never Want to See Me Again for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel the frustration in Left of the Slash’s latest hard-rock hit, The Time is Now

Left of the Slash

Left of the Slash are the harbingers of doom in their latest single, The Time is Now, which uses screeching sleaze rock solos around the trepidation-laden rhythm section. In the vocals, you’ll find a sense of urgency for awakening that becomes infectious throughout the high-octane hard-rock hit.

Left of the Slash is easily one of the most promising alt-rock outfits to have fallen on our radar this year. Their expansive array of influence covers everyone from TOOL to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Black Sabbath to Pixies; which gives you an idea of how they came to cultivate such a dynamic sound that is unpredictable from one release to the next.

You can check out Left of the Slash on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hot Juice remind us how to have ‘Good Times’ with their swaggering party rock anthem.

Good Times by Hot Juice

UK-based rock powerhouse Hot Juice reminded fans how hedonism works with the release of their swaggering party rock anthem, Good Times.

With their vintage blues-rock style paired with their scuzzy reminiscence to Eagles of Death Metal and BRMC, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the sleazy desert rock atmosphere. It comes as little surprise that in the short time that Hot Juice has been running rampant on the live scene, they’ve already decorated themselves in accolades from the likes of BBC Introducing and Made in Jersey festival. If you get the chance to see them rip up a stage, take it.

You can check out Good Times for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp. For more info, head over to the band’s website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Switch N’ Whisky play it fast and loud in ‘Keep it in the Red’.

Switch N’ Whisky don’t just make Rock n Roll; they live, breathe and effortlessly exude it in their latest single, Keep it in the Red. It’s slick with sunset strip sleaze and motifed with solos that make it impossible not to be in awe of the powerhouse outfit that first established in the fall of 2016.

Their contemporary take on rock n roll abstracts nothing traditionalists look for in a stellar fast and loud rock track but the high-fidelity production allows you to every virtuosically-placed instrumental note and feel every ounce of feverish rock n roll furore from the vocals.

Check out the official music video to Keep it in the Red that released on June 11th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

OCEANS OF TEARS have released their locked and loaded single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’.

Escape 2021 and catapult yourself back to the 80s with OCEANS OF TEARS semi-autobiographical rock opera single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’. If you need more music in your arsenal that speaks to you on an evocative level as well as an anthemic one, you will want to make Bullet in a Gun a playlist staple.

Their forbiddingly electrifying single starts with synth-driven discord that sets a B-movie-style macabre tone before the lyrics start to subversively find the parables between carrying around a loaded gun and drink-driving. While many rock acts rush to clamour about reckless hedonism, OCEANS OF TEARS artfully vent the broiling rage towards self-centric and self-destructive behaviour. That’s definitely a trend that I’m on board with.

Bullet in a Gun is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast