Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Huseby Drops Yet Another Transfixing Hit with “Pesos”

If anyone is looking for tips on how to create an instantly captivating Hip Hop single, you might want to check out the melodically magnetic single “Pesos” from up and coming Atlanta-based artist Huseby.

The intricate finger-picked guitar rhythms feed into the vibrantly transfixing downtempo soundscape while the kicks of the 808s will create a solid backbone to the beats. If you can draw yourselves away from the absolute mesmerism in the multi-layered mix, you’ll also be able to appreciate Huseby’s commanding yet soft Rap bars which sit in perfect synergy with the rest of the mix.

The production on Pesos is flawless, but the single is much more than just a well-crafted drop, it’s an invitation to sample Huseby’s charismatically playful energy which you’ll be hooked on from the first time of hearing it.

You can check out Huseby’s track Pesos for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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