Win My Way To You: the Rec never underestimate the ‘fair dos’

With a touch of button, the Rec show us how freaky this wild social media age can turn us into manic obsessed zombies so easily, on their new single which shows us a renewed music duo keen for success again called ‘fair dos‘.

the Rec is a London and Los Angeles-based alternative duo who were on their way to fame in the early 80’s. They make a thrilling blend of hauntingly honest music which has you feeling their world class quality, wash all over your shaken body.

In 1981, Dovey and Ritchie, two Shropshire lads from the medieval market town of Oswestry ditched their schoolbooks, to form north Shropshire’s premier post-punk garage combo – the Assassins. They mapped the streets of their hometown with their songs of love, fear, record collecting, solvent abuse and girls. The gigs were legendary, word was sent from Peel, and stardom briefly beckoned, but they just couldn’t take the next crucial step. Now they’re making up for lost time.” ~ the Rec

With a stunning display that opens up our eyes to what is there in real life, but often gets hidden behind the rug of those who want to avoid the truth – the spooky beat and powerfully expressed lyrics – takes you to an anxious place, which makes you extra concerned about how the internet can be exploited so easily.

Reconnecting 30 years later, a trans-Atlantic musical dialogue emerged as they swapped lyrics and melodies across the pond. The Assassins were reborn and renamed after one of Oswestry’s most notorious landmarks.” ~ the Rec

fair dos‘ from the London and Los Angeles-based indie duo the Rec, is the type of song that should put sweaty shivers all over your fragile spine. The truth about how the internet can turn normal people into addicts has red flags waving furiously, as they show us what the insides look like. Performed by two artists on a mission to reclaim their place at the top after thirty years away, this is a top notch effort with so much to be enthralled by.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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