Trapped Inside: Arxivn breaks free from that harmful toxic energy on ‘EVOLLOVE’

As he bravely tells the story of being free again after being locked into a hurtful relationship that wasn’t good for the soul, Arxivn sings with so much meaning and conviction with his new track called ‘EVOLLOVE‘.

Arxivn is a focused Kosovo-born, UK based indie trap/pop artist. He creates that gripping new-school music style that has you listening closely, as its packed full of true life experiences, goals and heartfelt desires to achieve despite previous hardship whilst growing up.

With frustration at an all-time high, this is the tale of moving onto calmer waters that doesn’t drown you upside down so you can’t breathe. You feel his burning desire to be with someone who truly gets him and doesn’t leave him unnecessarily exhausted.

EVOLLOVE‘ from the emerging Kosovo/UK musician Arxivn, is a catchy new track that has you thinking deeply about when you were with someone for too long and felt like you lost some of your heart. He sings with a free-flowing energy that grabs your attention and reminds us all to be careful who we love. Sometimes their intentions are not pure and for that, you need to walk away before its too late.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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