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Trapped Inside: Arxivn breaks free from that harmful toxic energy on ‘EVOLLOVE’

As he bravely tells the story of being free again after being locked into a hurtful relationship that wasn’t good for the soul, Arxivn sings with so much meaning and conviction with his new track called ‘EVOLLOVE‘.

Arxivn is a focused Kosovo-born, UK based indie trap/pop artist. He creates that gripping new-school music style that has you listening closely, as its packed full of true life experiences, goals and heartfelt desires to achieve despite previous hardship whilst growing up.

With frustration at an all-time high, this is the tale of moving onto calmer waters that doesn’t drown you upside down so you can’t breathe. You feel his burning desire to be with someone who truly gets him and doesn’t leave him unnecessarily exhausted.

EVOLLOVE‘ from the emerging Kosovo/UK musician Arxivn, is a catchy new track that has you thinking deeply about when you were with someone for too long and felt like you lost some of your heart. He sings with a free-flowing energy that grabs your attention and reminds us all to be careful who we love. Sometimes their intentions are not pure and for that, you need to walk away before its too late.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moody Night: J Whit drops menacing new single ‘Build A Hell’

With a hungry dark wolf growl to start us off, J Whit mysteriously creeps through the quiet house with a sinister tone that has you looking around anxiously, hoping you have locked all of your doors on his new single named ‘Build A Hell‘.

J Whit is an exciting indie-trap artist with a grit-filled created delivery that has your heart beating a bit faster than before. He makes singles that are unlike anything you have probably ever heard before in your life.

With a blood-soaked beat and a two sided track totally different from the start, this is a rain-driven single that has you thinking that it should definitely be in a move or a series. Its layers divert your attention away from the norm — and has you your mind racing rather deeply — as your heart beats rather quickly.

This song is through the perspective of a serial killer and it is up to the listener to find out before its too late.” – J Whit

Build A Hell‘ from the menacingly-voiced indie-trap artist J Whit, creaks into the night and has you thinking that you need to have your castle as strong as possible, to keep the night-walkers out for good. He performs with a vicious venom that bites through your headphones sneakily, and sneaks into your mind with a slithering style that is so uniquely thought-provoking.

Hear this edgy track on Spotify and see more about his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Change: Connecticut rapper Senseibatch keeps the tempo on high with ‘Life Goes On’

With his street smarts and subtle hustle mentality forming together naturally all at once, Senseibatch knows that he is in the right lane of success and is only going to keep the peddle to the metal on ‘Life Goes On‘.

Trevor Cumberbatch Jr aka Senseibatch is a Windsor, Connecticut-based trap artist and music producer who makes his own beats. He fuses together that new school sound together, and adds in lyrics about life as he sees it in this wild world.

With a shuddering soundscape that might shatter windows aplenty if played loud in your revved up car, this is a song that speaks volumes for an emerging artist on the rise. His raps are hard and full of bars — the flow is confident and with very little flash — only straight up lyrics enter his mind, as he makes a splash on this top new single.

Life Goes On‘ from Connecticut-based rapper Senseibatch, shows us to where you need to be in life if you want to be successful in life. After dealing with so many fake people before, he knows who his true crew are and intends keeping it that way.

With a thumping beat and some laid-back vocal raps, he appears to be in a very confident state of mind to only move on upwards. He is not changing for anyone as believes in his abilities, to do whatever he sets his mind to.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Lose The Moment: Jane’s Awake bring us a reflective single to remember on ‘Hold On’

As you keep those memories deep inside you so you never forget them ever, Jane’s Awake brings us a wonderful new single with artists from all over the world that came together remotely called ‘Hold On‘.

Jane’s Awake is a new project lead by indie singer-songwriter/producer Nick Sheppard. He formed this fantastic movement during the current pandemic, with the aim of bringing musicians together from all over the world during these tough times.

Nick says: “’Hold On’ is a song for anyone who has seen a loved one suffer or, indeed, has suffered themselves. It’s a song of both desperation and hope, which is why I wanted it to be the first single.”

She sings so beautifully, as you think of all those moments that you let go before. You vow to never let that happened again and marvel at the stunning music in your ears. The soundscape feels like its floating right above you, and you feel so much calmer inside your healing heart.

Hold On‘ from Jane’s Awake, is a truly International project with features from Brazil, Jamaica, Germany and the USA, which spreads goodwill during a time of deep misery and sadness for so many. This is a sad song that will touch your heart deeply, so that you may regain hope that was lost before.

Stream this peaceful new single on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Need To Rest: Boston’s Hmmf battles to cope with the sad memories on ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Taken off his incredibly real new album that includes some eye-opening knowledge about PTSD called ‘Tears‘, Hmmf impresses highly with his latest single that needs a night light to calm his mind called ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Dominic Pappas aka Hmmf, is a Quincy, Massachusetts-born, Boston, Massachusetts-based hip-hop artist who flows with so much meaning attached to each line that he drops.

Hmmf feels like the ultimate underdog warrior, a man who raps with a raw tone that falls into your lap and swerves viciously, to leave you impressed with his skills but concerned with his current mindset.

He raps with such a haunting sadness and anxiety, the street stories of losing so many of his friends growing up have caught up to him. His mind so locked up at the moment, as he searches for the key that will unlock all of his sorrows away into the sky, so he can breathe properly again.

This is the message of trying to sleep so bad but you just can’t — with too many worries and flashbacks that are keeping the mind wide awake — the brain needs healing and a rest so bad, so it can shut off and reboot.

I Can’t Sleep’ from top notch Boston emcee Hmmf, rustles the duvet of your mind, as you over-think and your eyes feel so heavy, as the dreaded demons follow your each thought. This is the paranoid warning to get your head right, before you are disturbed into tossing and turning — when you need to be resting and replenishing your armor — so you can achieve those dreams that are waiting for you under your awaiting pillow.

Stream this top track on Spotify and check out his Twitter for more updates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Emotion: IBK rains down with deep-rooted poetic single ‘These Tears’

As he writes the stories down to help him drift away from the blustery wind that has blown him away from the right road of life, IBK brings us the very reflective new single all about ‘These Tears‘.

Ibukun Araoye aka IBK, is a highly motivated Nigerian indie electronic/hip-hop musician/poet, musicology minor degree graduate and producer, who lathers in his love for music from when he was very little, to his passion of having his music played all over the world now, to inspire others through their troubles.

”A medical doctor by training – with a neuroscience background -, I truly believe in the power of music as medicine”. – IBK

He sings and speaks with such grace and compassion, as he has seen what music can do to those who need it most. His message is one of peace and understanding, in a world that needs more common sense as other issues have made so many forget about those who need help right now.

These Tears‘ from Nigerian producer/musician/poet IBK, is that smartly constructed single that has so much layers that you sink your mind inside like taking a warm bubble bath, the feeling is so comforting that you never want to get out. This is the type of music to heal with, so that you may become stronger and wash away all that fear and self-doubt that consumes you down into the dumps of no return. Visualizing what you need to do, is the only way to succeed in this complex world.

Stream this intriguing new single on Soundcloud and follow his creations on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stop Teasing: MR.Slade wants to love but finds them in difficult form on ‘You Make It So Hard’

Calling out those who try and add fuel to the temptation as he wants to just be happy, MR.Slade rocks in ready to have fun with the saucy single that mixes two genres you never thought would ever be friends called ‘You Make It So Hard‘.

MR.Slade is a confident Canadian indie dance-pop and metal solo artist, who decided to break away from the normal and do his own thing, at the very highest level of enjoyment possible. He makes that fun music which has the crowd alive with sweaty excitement, all night long.

He sings with such gusto and flourishes while clearly doing what he was meant for. After being bored in the dull days of retail work, he has found his calling and ravages the mic with a song that fills your mind up with clouds of smoke, as he asks his crush to stop teasing and to make the move already.

You Make It So Hard‘ from Canada-based metal/dance-pop artist MR.Slade, is the type of song that you put on loud during a house party with mates to add more fire to night, as you take another sip and just smile to the night as you make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

There is no rush here, only a mission to fuse a new genre together and have some fun whilst creating history.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Things Have Turned: Arie drops emotion-filled new single ‘Freakin’ Her Out’

After saying something he probably shouldn’t have even thought of, Arie drives home whilst shaking his head in disappointment on ‘Freakin’ Her Out’.

Aaryan M.Khurana aka Arie is a skilled producer, engineer, songwriter and singer, who brings the world his pop flows to smooth up the world, as he fuses RnB inside his soul that combines just right.

This is the message about being careful about what you say otherwise it will come back to haunt you. The world moves so quick and if you take the wrong path — even for a second — it can and probably will haunt you forever.

He sings with such pain and sorrow that he might have lost her love for good, his intentions were pure but she saw it another way and the damage has scarred like a devastating forest fire. The burnt smell is around and it might take a while for it to fully clear, if it does at all.

Freakin’ Her Out‘ from indie pop/RnB artist Arie, is that story about how if you push things a bit too far, you might lose the one that you truly care about as they will start to lose trust in you, no matter if you meant what you said or not.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All About The Paper: Excellent East London emcee LetKoJoFly cuts the ‘Cheque Freestyle’

With a smokey street energy spark that flows through like that foggy midst in the harrowing jungle as he returns from it unscathed, LetKoJoFly slices us the superb ‘Cheque Freestyle‘ into our minds with brooding appeal.

LetKoJoFly is a thriving East London, UK-based alt hip-hop artist, who fuses his own brand of music that intertwines his deep-rooted love of upping the standard, to making music that has your whole body bouncing to in a state of adulation.

This is the story of not worrying about anything as he feels invincible right now, he slips quietly through the door without a noise of any unnecessary flash and dash, which can get you into trouble if you push your luck.

You feel his quality flow light up brightly and pull through so nicely, each lyric is performed with optimal meaning like he knows exactly the direction he is going in like an Olympic gold medalist. This is that rare underground sound that many people try and copy but fail to master — as they have only watched some movies on the telly — without actually starring in them as they are stuck to the couch.

Cheque Freestyle‘ from East London rapper LetKoJoFly, leads us into a world of mystique, as he drops those gangsta bars that lets you know that he is for real. With an ominous tone, you know that he is an artist who doesn’t mess around with his art-form, as he is head for the heights of the top only.

He knows his true value and is only doing things that provides that financial stimulus, so he can make those moves which are entrenched inside his mind forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Light Is Coming: Bianca Hauert is back with heartfelt new German pop song called ‘Daneben benehmen’

After being in two bands before covid-19 struck unexpectedly and with the horrific pandemic taking away most live music performances, Bianca Hauert has been hard at work on her solo project and fires in a new song to help us get through these tough times on ‘Daneben benehmen‘.

Bianca Hauert is a polished German indie pop singer-songwriter, who makes that inspiring music about your emotions, joy, fears and what really drives you inside your deepest soul.

“As long as we are not allowed to go out, my song should at least help people to bridge the waiting time until then!” Bianca Hauert

You feel her fervent enlightenment, as he controls her tone quite tremendously and you feel like she has been waiting for this moment, to show her care for fellow humans all over the world. The planet around us has been a mess, but she is eager to let us know that things will get better, if we all work together as one.

Daneben benehmen‘ from German pop singer-songwriter Bianca Hauert, is the door to find the light — as the world hides away — music is the true shining hope that can conquer all fears away, no matter what circumstances arise.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen