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Keeping the night from ending: Lovable Devon family indie-folk band KoCapoli sing of better days ahead on ‘Sun Don’t Rise’

Devon/Brighton based indie-folk act KoCapoli are back with more beautiful melodies on their latest single ‘Sun Don’t Rise‘.

Twin sisters Alice, Kit and brother Billy, have been performing since they were youngsters and being in a band was always the plan. Their family has grown a bit bigger recently and they have brought in their friends Robin on drums and Ben on bass. With funk, folk, soul, and alternative sounds all woven into one, this is an outfit that make sweet music that leaves you wanting more treats to fill up your empty heart.

This is the story of wanting that special night to last just a bit more and longing for this to happen. You are with friends or lovers and don’t want it to end as everything is so perfect. This is that rare moment when the stars align just right and everything blends in your heart as you smile so bright and you don’t want the day to come, only the night.

The twin’s vocals are so pure and heartfelt and the mellow guitar adds a layer of sweetener to make this is a warm cuppa tea for the battered heart, tired of being locked inside and lonely. This is exactly what we need more of in the world; dreams and desires instead of gloom and doom that does nothing to help.

This is a lively band that has so much fun together and loves a good laugh and each other’s company while attempting to make Instagram videos. Their laughter is infectious (in a good way) and this type of happy energy is transported into their music.

South Devon/Brighton based KoCapoli miss each other a lot as they are separated due to current times but hopefully their bond has grown even stronger. ‘Sun Don’t Rise’ is a caring story of love and has been released like a caged bird, to bless us when we needed it most. Life is about being with those we care about most after all.

Hear this piece of calming beauty via their Spotify and find out more about the band on their IG & FB.

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The flamed out love that once burnt so bright: ‘Too Little Too Late’ from Boston’s Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto is a reflection of what could of been

With the succulent guitar beginning that draws you in a like a pretty picture, you suddenly feel so calm and relaxed. The beat is graceful and intricate, the volume slowly turns up as you listen so intently. The vocals then open the door ajar and you start to walk in slowly, fascinated and blessed to hear these beautiful sounds. Boston’s Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto team up to form a strong team, on their new Indie R&B single named ‘Too Little Too Late‘.

The sultry and classy voice emanates through your veins, and into your feelings right away. This is about a lover who tried for a while, but then they started to show their true colors. Growing tired of silly games was too much, and now there is nothing to save in this once strong love. Feeling like you were taken for grated for a while, the fire burnt out like an old candle, and now its laying on the floor in tatters. The time to heal and move on, is closer than you thought before.

Her vocals make the hairs stand up, the guitar rhythm is so perfect, and the production is done just right. Nothing seems over the top here, the song is so effortlessly performed, and you play this Lo-fi infused Indie R&B track again and again, there is so much to like here, and your mind wonders with all the beauty around.

A feeling of reflection and sadness burns bright like a campfire alone, and you hope that Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto can find that well-deserved happiness, in this often selfish and unnecessarily egotistical world.

Its sometimes ‘Too Little Too Late‘ for love to be fixed with broken souls but luckily, there is always a new one that is ready to be born again in this world that makes no sense right now. The only way to recover is to take a deep breath, shake off the doubt, and open your heart up to love, and be loved again.

Listen to this beautiful single on Spotify.

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Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2’

Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘ and this is a slow jam to make you feel better.

Do you want to talk about it or not is the question. You love them so much but sometimes things happen and mistakes can happen. Moving on and taking that next step to grow is the key here. That is the only way to heal up and switch into the next step of love. When you are together, there is only laughter and good times. Things feel right.

“This song is about my love for my fiance and acknowledging the challenges we both face, but wanting her to be completely open with me. To be that one she can completely confide in. I would say the main message I want listeners to know is to understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I believe we don’t have the right to judge on whats right or wrong because we all grow in our own way and that’s the journey of life.”

Taken off the latest 6-track EP ‘Reminisce in Discovery‘, ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘, is all about that real love and taking charge of this relationship. Jacquevall is in fine form here and he sings with such heart and skill. This is a self-aware single from a man on a mission.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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‘Fake Superman’ from Koreyography is a story of knowing what he really is

Fake Superman‘ from Koreyography is a fine house-beat of a story about knowing what he really is. He is fake and you are not.

The name Koreyography came to life due to his competitive dancing, tricks, and choreography, which would later transcend into other fields of entertainment. Before the name Koreyography was formed, Korey Witha K was massively into sports, music, and education. This is an artist that is truly multi-skilled and now is fully into music.

He comes into your life with bluster and wants to show off and for you to know how cool he is. He thinks that you don’t see through him and you are naive. Little does he know that you are much smarter than him and know his player style. You have seen it before and roll your eyes. You know the deal. This is not going to last and you don’t want any falseness in your life. You are real and want to be with someone who is the same.

Fake Superman‘ from Koreyography is a terrific house song that has a smooth beat that flies into your ears like a speeding car. The style is there and this is a top track for 2020. Knowing who is fake is so relevant in this wild world.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Khadija Lisa gets the team together on self-worth message ‘Queen’

Hartford, Connecticut’s Khadija Lisa strolls in with her team and dances away our worries on the fantastic music video called ‘Queen’. This is the shout out to the ladies.

Inspired by the old school styles of disco, funk, 90’s house and indie-pop, Khadija Lisa is a singer, dancer and actor who moved to New York in order to follow her passion. To study acting. This fine young artist is slowly emerging in the music world due to the her great voice and smooth style.

Queen‘ is all about raising the standard and valuing yourself as a women, with your true friends. In a world that is full of followers and likes, this is a welcome message for young woman all over the globe. Valuing yourself is the way to being happy inside and you are the one that needs to look in the mirror each day.

Queen’ from US singer Khadija Lisa is an honest story about the world that we are in and the one that you want to see. This is a fine single that has a message of self-worth.

Stream here via YouTube.

Head to Spotify to hear this fab track.

Click here for the Facebook page to find out more.

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Lofi-Hip Hop and guitar beach vibes with ”Chasin Shadows” from Nick Thompson

Annapolis, Maryland native Nick Thompson is back with his new mellow song called ”Chasin Shadows”. This is a lofi-fi hip hop beat from the talented producer that is perfect for beach days with friends and family.

The guitar in this song is tuned to an open D Major 7 chord which adds in so much to the track. The Vocals and guitar are all from Nick and production was done by the fantastic Croatian producer Br0jka.

Chasin Shadows” from Nick Thompson might be the most chilled track you will hear all year. There is a nice hip hop beat here that is very groovy indeed. The vocals are great and I like the style of this whole song. I feel so nice and relaxed and turn this up to high while working out.

Nick Thompson adds to his growing reputation with a terrific track to relax us all and make our hearts happy again.

Stream this super chilled cruise song here on Soundcloud.

Find out more about this unique producer here on his Facebook.

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Whoah58 motivate us all on new single ”BlacKKK Power”

Whoah58 have just brought out a powerful track called ”BlacKKK Power”. Inspired by the Black Lives Movement and other frustrations with the music game, this is quite the statement.

This is a pure Hip Hop song full of deepness and meaning. The group are on top form and deliver their lines to perfection on this one. They are frustrated with the world and just want a fair shot to perform without hate. Taken off ”Heartbreak and Love Letters From Toronto”, this is a quality release.

BlacKKK Power” is a haunting song in some ways and the passion is there for all the witness. This is a music outfit that spit on the bars with precision and timing. The lyrics are meaningful and you hope that this message is received loud and clear all over the world. It’s time for peace and understanding, not hate and divisiveness.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Hear more on the Spotify channel.

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Kev Scott & The Cherished Times release a soulful love story with ”Carry You”

You have to carry on no matter obstacles are in the way. We want the love to live forever and won’t give up if we know it’s right. Can we see this light shine through or will it fade into darkness with hurt and only memories?

2020 sees UK artist Kev Scott return with a fourth studio album. This time he is enthusiastically joined by recording band The Cherished Times. The band was formed by Kev to give recognition to the regular number of musicians and singers he enjoys working with and who help inspire him to make music.

Exhausted Fantasies” is the latest album from Kev and the band and it’s a much anticipated release. His music is hauntingly real and the style is so timeless. Kev is such a good lyricist and you feel the hurt in his voice. ”Carry On” is a strong song and one that will have you swaying back and forth.

This is one of the UK’s most underrated singer-songwriters right here before us. His music is acclaimed and you want him to get the love that he craves. 2020 brings us a wrapped treat all full of goodness and Kev Scott & The Cherished Times impress mightily here.

The latest music from is on Spotify from 26th June so be sure to check it out.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen