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Those Late Nights: Blowing My Own Trumpet bring us a welcome cross-genre new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes’

Taken off the debut album called ‘Umsindo‘, Blowing My Own Trumpet heal our innocence with the Latino/folk-flavored new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes‘.

Blowing My Own Trumpet is a terrific family band featuring the works of South African Trumpeter Claude Lamon. With so much variety and and a loving sound, they make music to entertain and to help us think of fun moments that inspire us again.

This is the story of her striking eyes that distracts the room, as her long flowing dress has everyone watching her each move. The night is dark with the drinks flowing and the chatter is on full volume, with the crowd enjoying their evening to the maximum.

The cheerful soundscape is so tremendous and you can feel the close bond between them, as the flowing energies transfix into your mind and make you smile again. This is a song that is a refreshing distraction from current times, with an immense variety of instruments and features a sweetly-voiced singer, who puts your mood into a better one instantly.

Spanish Eyes‘ from the quality family act Blowing My Own Trumpet, is a world song that puts you into a good place, as you are placed into a happy trance of cross-cultured sounds that reminds you that happy and joyful times, are just around the corner.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more on FB.

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Hip hop Music

He’s A Bully: Sky Olson sticks up for her on ‘F*ck That Guy’

As he sticks up for his innocent friend who has been treated badly, Sky Olson sings with heightened determination on the new single called ‘F*ck That Guy‘.

Sky Olson is a new Utah-based multi-instrumentalist pop/folk/blues artist, who is finding his sound through a prolific start to his career, as he makes that honest music about love and living life in this wild world, that certainly keeps you on your toes.

This is the story about expressing his raw emotions to what what a horrible act from someone that is too big for their own boots, as he sings about his sweet friend with a heart of gold. He tells it how it is on a groovy song that has unexpected solos that capture your mind intently, entrenched with honest lyricism that has you moving your head to attention.

F*ck That Guy‘ from Utah’s multi-genre artist Sky Olson, is a snarky song about someone that really got on his wrong side, as he tells us how he made his friend cry and he isn’t taking this mean action lightly. He sings with real venom on a cleverly lathered ambiance of blues that sprinkles in some hip-hop for good measure.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and check out his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Harsh Lessons Learnt: Ferrari CoxKasino made it to the right lane of superior self-awareness on ‘Now I Know’

After dealing with a tough stretch that required a deep rethink of his path, Ferrari CoxKasino rises up to show the world what is actually possible, if you believe in the right way on ‘Now I Know‘.

Ferrari CoxKasino is a skilled emcee who after ten years behind bars, shows that you can indeed have a better life and not go down the same tracks as before, if you want it enough.

He raps about trusting the wrong people back in the day, doing things he wouldn’t do now and thinking clearer than before. After a lot of time to think about life, he now flows about positive messages and how to live to bring change to your family, without doing things that you might regret later on.

Now I Know‘ from the confident and self-aware emcee Ferrari CoxKasino, is a ride to find that enlightenment that might not be cool to some, but is actually the only way to have a long-term happiness that will guide you through the bad times forever. This is a rare trap-filled track with a message that inspires hope, not darkness and fake lies that do you no good.

Stream this real life story of redemption on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


You Can’t Ignore Me: Adelaide indie rock band Broken Waves find the keys to the ‘Throne’

Taken off their sublime new five-track EP called ‘Turning Point‘, Ozzie rockers Broken Waves eagerly bring us the quality new single called ‘Throne‘.

Broken Waves crash into our lives with their famous Australian charm, as the Adelaide indie act blaze a trail of supreme sounds of wonder, on an impressive new song that will lift you up and take you to exciting places within your soul.

They make that prodigious music that has you in absolute raptures, their exhilarating guitar skills and wildly talented vocals, washes all of the frustration away so smoothly.

This is that that love ripped song, as you look for answers that have been hidden away for so long in your mind but you knew them all along. The throne is empty now but you know that they can’t ever ignore you again, as you have unlocked the treasure chest of knowledge forever.

Throne‘ from Adelaide five-piece indie-rockers Broken Waves, is a spellbinding new single full of electric energy that wraps over you as you groove with this awesome band, they drift into your consciousness with smoothly nourished vocals and a sound that has you wanting more.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Foot On The Gas: MaY2X tear it up Tennessee style on ‘Thumbing’ (feat. Trofye)

Powered efficiently by Diamond Core Productions, MaY2X drops the clutch and gets us moving in rhythmic unison to make that hard-earned dollar with ‘Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye).

MaY2X is a skillful Franklin, Tennessee hip-hop artist who joins forces with regular collaborator and friend Trofye on this tire burning fire track. They make that straight style music that keeps you entertained and informed about how things really are right now.

This is the true story about showing how clean and fresh you are with your loyal team who are making that paper, while dissing other peeps that don’t really get it as they do things that make no sense at all. With so much snitching going in this wild world, these two Southern emcee’s urge calm and common sense to prevail with these catchy verses, that slide diligently into your eager memory and makes you want to go and call that feisty girl that you really like but know you should really stay away from.

Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye) from Tennessee’s MaY2X, is a fun party track made by two talented underground rappers, who flow with intent and velocity to leave you feeling positive about the days events, while ready to get out and about to have a great time this evening.

See this piece of realness on YouTube and check out IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Love And Be Loved: Mary Cross sings with sultry romance on ‘Promise’

With her classy dress on and with that romantic glint in her eye, Mary Cross is here with her new single all about the love of her life on ‘Promise‘.

Mary Cross is a classic soul singer who performs with grace and class, making that loving music about relationships, as she glides in with lyrics about what the heart really wants in this often confusing world.

She keeps things simple with a voice that hits the high notes with effortless charm, her smile radiant throughout as she slides through each verse with aplomb.

This is the sweet story about how love needs to remain pure and the way it should be, avoiding modern day traps so that you stay with that one person, making sure that you support each other and keep that romance alive and bright, just like it was intended.

Promise‘ from from the American songstress Mary Cross, is a real statement of ever-lasting love from a soul singer who believes in those special life changing moments, when you meet someone incredible and you feel like they respect you so much, they will love you no matter what obstacles you shall face over the years.

Watch the music video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Living in the moment: Black + White TV drop passionate alt-rock single ‘Song 60’

Black + White TV use their music remote and turn on their new single for us to enjoy via the fascinating track called ‘Song 60‘.

New alt-rock band Black + White TV sing and play with such purpose and passion, each lyric and guitar strum is magnificently entered into the realm of the world; with a pure precision that makes you admire this act.

You feel an element of punk rock rolling in as they skid onto the stage with an undeniable class that is so rare in modern music. His riveting vocals make you listen extra intently as the excellent guitar soundscape rolls you into the wave that leads you to shore, after the backwash of 2020 that was unforgiving to anyone weak.

This is the story about how the world has been so grey and its easy to give up and just fly away from it all. You want to stay positive and live again the way you once loved, being out and about with mates but right now you know you need to reflect, build and ride out the storm.

Song 60‘ from Black + White TV is a high octane affair, full of twists and turns, dark moments and wanting that true love. This is a quality act who have just burst onto the scene and must be itching to play their new material live in those sweaty bars and clubs that make legends out of you.

Stream this top single on Spotify and see their spectacular visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Taking time to reflect: WD-HAN remind us to always remember those ‘Places’ that keep us humble

WD-HAN drop their latest track and this has so much soul covered within, that is perfect for a much-needed reflection on ‘Places‘.

The three-piece indie-rock outfit WD-HAN have been performing together since 2008 with no lineup changes and feature two married couples- including their manager-and are an example to bands all over the world, as they continue to do what they love and be successful while doing it.

This is the final song off their twelve releases from 2020 and you can feel the poignant nature of the insides of the fabric here. It has been a long journey, full twists and turns, plans changing and lessons learnt. This is a lovely song full of heart and soul, with self-awareness to bring a true message to us all when we need it most.

His voice is so calming and caring, the band feel like they are perfectly in-sync and this is a song made with special love and gives your whole body a powerful boost. This is about keeping in touch with who you used to be and who you really want to be. The excellent percussion, guitar skills and vibrant vocals all intertwine in your tired mind, helping us to reflect and never lose track of who we are deep inside.

This is that classic humbleness, layered with genuine authenticity of how life is meant to be lived and slowed down just right, so that you enjoy each moment and memory, not rush through so the beauty of what is before you is missed in a blink of an eye.

Places‘ from WD-HAN finds a place in our heart and is a powerful track that makes you think deeply and tap your feet at the same time.

After all, it’s all about consistency and sticking at doing what you love without giving up. There will be challenges of course but if you care about each other enough, you will find a way.

Hear this lively new release on Soundcloud and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

From heating and air work to hot music: Georgia’s Trevious drops new sultry single ‘Different Love’

Trevious is back with ‘Different Love‘ and this is the 5th straight single from one of the hardest working indie artists in the game, as he further cements his growing name.

The Stone Mountain/Decatur-based R&B singer Trevious, sends us all a song to light the candles and slow dance to. His vocals are pure and honest, he has risen to do what he loves after working in dead-end jobs that weren’t fulfilling his soul. He is taking full opportunity of his chance and doesn’t intend to ever go back to that life. Music and making his fans happy are the only options.

His voice is different to the rest of the average singers out there. With a tone that is so sensual and strong at the same time, his charismatic vocals grab a hold of you like the truly great singers do. You can’t stop listening and turn the volume up so you don’t miss any word.

The story of believing deep inside that you are different to the rest, the night is so special and you know that she likes your vibe. The night gets better and better and the lights are so low, your energies are so transfixed, you will be probably see a shooting star together.

Georgia-based R&B singer Trevious is so breathtaking on ‘Different Love‘ and you might need a cold shower after listening to this brand new steamy single. They do say that confidence is sexy and this is a track that shows that this is indeed true.

Turn the lights down low and stream this track via Spotify and see his journey on IG.

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From duo to solo: Rienne gets in the groove to love after heartbreak on ‘Try Again’

West Virginia’s Rienne is back with her new solo indie rock single that signals a new journey into the wild on the ride to heal the broken heart on ‘Try Again‘.

Philippines born, USA raised indie-pop singer-songwriter Rienne has been on the scene for a while but after being in a duo for a while, she decided it was time for a fresh start. With a new-found enthusiasm for writing music, she has been actively pushing her solo career and this is her statement release.

This is an authentic look into a passionate singers local town, the sights and sounds, the cloudy day and the way of life with lots of flowers around. Her indie rock style is honest and portrays a musician who feels like she is at the bottom again and drowning inside after a tough romantic breakup which left her cold and damp.

Her voice is sweet and real, you can feel her authenticity and mellow attitude come to life as she lets us into her life for a few minutes. You can feel that she is on the way to loving again after taking time to heal up and replenish her soul.

Try Again‘ from West Virginia based solo artist Rienne is a fresh music video that gives you the chills as the electric guitar melodies fill you with hope and inspiration after a wild year. Her voice simmers gently into your aching body as you imagining watching her play live.

Trying again is the only way to think as after every detour, there is a new beautiful road ready to find you, and make your heart happy again.

See her new start here via YouTube and follow her adventures on her FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen