Perfect Pill release ‘Reverie’: simmering, hungry rock from Hungary

It’s hard not to revel in ‘Revererie’ – with a crunching grunge tone driving up against the clean, powerful vocals of Perfect Pill’s lead singer. Its sombre, minor led melodies give way to heaps of emotional lyrics portraying a ghoulish sense of beauty within the track and proves this Hungarian band easily have the nous and songwriting smarts to gain a broader cross-country appeal for alternative and underground 

If you’re a fan of alternative grunge with a markedly exoctic oeuvre to it, look no further than ‘Reverie’. It’s heavy, it’s emotional and provides all of the release to the angst that’s been bubbling beneath the surface of many in one, fell, three minute swoop. Definitely check it out. 

You can listen to ‘Reverie’ on Perfect Pill’s Spotify page here.

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