VALLEY GRL wishes those brain-filled demons would evaporate forever on, ‘Lost In My Head’

Taken off her brand new 6-track album called ‘You Had To Be There‘, VALLEY GRL knows that she needs to clear her mind quickly before all the toxic juices drown her underwater on, ‘Lost In My Head‘.

VALLEY GRL is a small-town Northern California-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie anti-pop solo singer-songwriter who makes a seductive blend of music that shakes your core each time.

As a child VALLEY GRL was in the school chorus and musical theater shows. Although she had no professional training in music she always knew it was something that she wanted to do.” ~ VALLEY GRL

Sizzling with her enchanting style that has you totally captivated throughout this heart-beating track, VALLEY GRL might be one of the most thrilling artists around. She is totally herself and doesn’t pretend to be anyone else at all like so many do, as she stuns our earlobes with an incredible effort that is simply excellent.

Lost In My Head‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie anti-pop solo singer-songwriter VALLEY GRL is an honest release from one of the most creative souls you will hear today. Her luscious vocals are dynamic and packed with a punch that wakes you up quickly, as her smartly-penned lyrics take you into her over-flowing mind. This is a single that so many of us will truly understand, as the noise buzzes like a garden service that just won’t stop.

Listen up to this gorgeous new single on Spotify and see her vibe via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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