Flare Voyant – Borders: Bohemian Melodies

Flare Voyant don’t wait around to immerse you into their latest track Borders. It starts without apology, without any introduction the feverous passion starts. There’s no prelude to the cacophony of screeching guitars and bass soaked rhythm that will greet you as the beat kicks in.

Perhaps one of my favourite elements to their latest track is the lyrics which are steeped in political resistance they don’t get lost in the mix, they grip you like a vice as a sobering commentary on the current UK culture. The trio hail from the heart of London, you can definitely taste the traces of their local influences in their burning and vibrant sound. Flare Voyant effortlessly offer their fans a taste of melodic punk rock infused soul which proves to be the ultimate transcendence track as you get swept away by the rhythm of the guitar right through to the track.

Borders is definitely not a song you can listen to just once; their music is full of unique promise and laddish charm seeping through their bohemian essence which is nothing but consistent through their first EP.

You can check out the full Flare Voyant EP on the Soundcloud link below:


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