A&R Factory Present: V Empress

NYC based singer, V Empress, kicks of the summer with her immensely sexy and catchy new track, Guilty. Inspired by Kid Ink and Dj Mustard’s production of Summer in the Winter, V Empress set out to achieve her own [female] fusion of hot club oriented hip hop beats paired with very catchy, sexy and complex lyrics in her four track EP; Can’t Tame a Savage. Reminiscent of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl, V Empress’ track Guilty describes her desire to partake in a three-some, and ultimately encourages listeners to take pride in their sexuality and urges.

V Empress states “I want to be as raw, honest, and transparent as possible when writing my lyrics and creating my art,” and aims to “promote female empowerment and expression in a very male dominated industry.” The music video is set to be released late July.

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