Be Mine The Latest track from Dennis Brown Jr son of the late great Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown Jr. is an artist and performer with a passion for great dub, reggae and electronic dance tones. His recent release, Be Mine, is a stunning example of what happens when great production aesthetics converge with skilled songwriting and personal lyrics. The song is a great peak into the artist’s vision, as well as a perfect gateway into a new, exciting sonic world.

In this particular production, Dennis set out to impress the audience with high-energy performances, as well as with memorable melodies and catchy arrangements that feel readily appealing, yet never trite or banal. Creating music that feels simple, yet sophisticated is probably the most deceptively complicated task. It is so easy to fall into the “trap” of self-indulgence, but Dennis managed to bridge the gaps between innovation and timelessness on this amazing release.

Be Mine  as a very upbeat feel, and the balanced mix truly helps every single element in the music stand out: the beat is powerful, but never overpowering. The vocals are present, yet never too dominant: this allows the song to flow smoothly and evenly across the entire spectrum, offering an amazing listening experience to the audience!

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