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Luuk Lagrange – 4Weeks: A Euphorically Melodic Winter Warmer

London-based producer Luuk Lagrange hit the airwaves with a potent dose of euphoria through their latest mix “4Weeks” which dropped on October 29th.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean our need for aural ecstasy has to go unsated. The track audibly oozes infectious and commanding feel good vibes which pump out between the stylised atmospheric melodic house beats and synth hooks.

The lyrics may be minimalistic, yet they’re magnetically hypnotic and will stick to your synapses like superglue. If you’re looking for a club hit to help you embrace the nostalgia of summers gone by, consider 4Weeks as an antidote to the winter blues.

You can check out the official music video to Luuk Lagrange’s track 4Weeks by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Yeh Releases New Hip-Hop Track “Main Event” Which Will Get You All Hyped Up To Party

Yeh is a young upcoming hip-hop artist who is turning his hobby into a passion. Characterised with strong catchy choruses and a steady flow, his song “Main Event” in fact showcases his skills while also hyping every listener for a party. This in fact allows his character and natural young spirit to shine through while also entertaining others as he moulds his own sound in music. With it’s strong narrative form, taking the listener on a one night journey of partying, the song remains engaging throughout and as soon as the chorus hits it will have you singing along to it too.

Starting off with some classic hip-hop samples highlighting a relaxed vibe with a steady groove, “Main Event” not only offers a tight rap flow but also a strong melodic element which homogeneously connects the instrumental arrangement with the chorus of the song. With lyric accents that align with instrumental ones, the sound of the verses remains steady and strong throughout while the chorus offers an interesting contrast with more melodic lines and elongated syllables, creating a good balance between repetition and variation for a lasting impression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


NAKD Releases “OUTRAGEOUS” (Ft Kooly Bros & No Choice Ricco)

Outrageous is a brand new, exciting single from NAKD. The song also features a collaboration with Kooly Bros and No Choice Ricco, who helped take the track to the very next level.

 This single clocks in at slightly over the 3 minute-mark, packing a wild punch and a lot of sexy, heated grooves. This song blurs the lines between deep house, trance and hip-hop, going for a truly eclectic and unique production approach. I love the multi-dimensional sound of this production, which remains catchy and appealing, while taking listeners through some really unexpected pathways. The lyrical flow is smooth and direct, echoing artists such as Pitbull. The production aesthetics are modern and vibrant, with massive doses of low end and a crisp, silky top end to smooth things out. This is a perfect club banger, but it is also a great rhythm-driven track that showcases the lyrical talented of some really high level performers throughout the song.

The matching music video, currently available via Youtube, is a perfect way to describe the song visually.


Tee Noah Releases Hip-Hop Vibe Track ‘Sunday Service’

Tee Noah is a rare phenomenon in today’s musical climate. Someone who is able to blend accessible R’nB, dance, pop, even rap and hip-hop vibes together into songs which are both familiar yet fresh and on top of that create something which rises above mere commerciality. He has found or rather deftly created that magic combination of tracks that are infectious and accessible, and at the same time mature and exploratory. Not something you stumble across that often in a genre normally aiming for the quick buck.

But his debut ep, Out of My Mind is a brilliant showcase of how you can play to both ends of the market. The pop kids and club goers will certainly find a lot to love in its sultry grooves and vibrant moves but his ability to wander way outside the usual generic boundaries, throw in rock guitars and neo-classical harmonies will also appeal to those looking to see where popular music goes next.


Check out Dexter Banks EDM track ‘The Final Synthetic’

If a computer turned rogue, put aside its assigned functions and instead decided to write music, it might sound something like The Final Synthetic. Dexter Banks manages to capture the clinical beat, the hypnotic nature and the rising intensity of just such a scenario. The manic laughter also does little to convince you otherwise.

Where this music fits in to the musical canon is a joyous puzzle, dance floor filler for a futuristic club night, a video game score or film soundtrack, who knows, but then why does everything have to fit into perfect little boxes with their clearly marked labels? And for all its outsider nature the music is infectious, compelling and even a little bit frightening but then things need shaking up every once in a while.


A&R Factory Present: V Empress

NYC based singer, V Empress, kicks of the summer with her immensely sexy and catchy new track, Guilty. Inspired by Kid Ink and Dj Mustard’s production of Summer in the Winter, V Empress set out to achieve her own [female] fusion of hot club oriented hip hop beats paired with very catchy, sexy and complex lyrics in her four track EP; Can’t Tame a Savage. Reminiscent of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl, V Empress’ track Guilty describes her desire to partake in a three-some, and ultimately encourages listeners to take pride in their sexuality and urges.

V Empress states “I want to be as raw, honest, and transparent as possible when writing my lyrics and creating my art,” and aims to “promote female empowerment and expression in a very male dominated industry.” The music video is set to be released late July.

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