UK singer-songwriter Kwun has made his spectrally soul-chilling debut with his single, Supernatural

On October 21st, the UK-based singer-songwriter and producer, Kwun made his melodious debut with the soul-chilling single, Supernatural, which fuses the songwriting styles of Nick Drake & John Lennon.

With vocals void of veneer flourishing in their own distinctive timbre instead of forced into assimilation, surrendering to the emotion in Supernatural, especially with the bitter-sweet vibrato, is non-optional.

Atop the trickling upbeat piano keys, shimmering motifs, gentle percussive fills, and orchestral swells, Pang’s spectrally sweet vocals lead you into catharsis; the healing propensities of Supernatural were no mistake. The single was recorded at 432 Hz, the frequency which resonates and harmonises with nature and the human body. While lyrically, Kwun provokes the listener into questioning adages old and new to become the greatest versions of their beings.

Mark Prentice (Johnny Cash & Bruce Springsteen), Sam Wheat (Pharrell Williams & Amy Winehouse) and Tony Cousins (Adele & George Michael) all put their deft finishing touches on this resoundingly promising release. We can’t wait to hear what his forthcoming album, Ancient Ageless & True, has in store.

The Radio Edit of Supernatural is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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