Techno/House Producer ‘Radiating Circles’ Announces Release of Newest EP ‘Balance in Silence’

Radiating Circle is no stranger to music himself. He’s an artist that amasses an impressive foundational knowledge in classical piano and jazz.

Just recently, the artist expanded the horizon of his art and audience by adding electronic music as a new genre in his style of music. He’s also worked on a lot of music projects that has helped to shape his music career generally.

Radiating Circle’s style of music is mostly influenced and inspired by Aphex Twin, Jeff Miles and Robert Hood, although in a way that has subtly enabled him to present his music that’s underground in character but at the same time have that infectious potential which makes his style of music appealing to others.

After he recently announced the release of his second EP which he’s been solely working on for quite a while now, we eventually was able to see the other side of this artist from this track he titled ‘Balance In Silence”.

Apparently, Radiating Circle crafted this piece of music in a whole new realm that’s characterized with a very high spirit. This Electronic music is the type that engages both the fanatics of EDM music and casual listeners.

Just a brief warning; this is a song that is capable to catalyze the level of your mood once it gets to hit your ear bud within a flash of a second. The high tempo of this wavy beat is the element that moisturizes the song texture and helped to mold the song into a gracious cascading musical bliss.

Like a sound machine backed with a tremendous beat that’s rooted with a little mix of Jazz saxophone sound in the combined Techno-House and EDM genre, this song beautifully humidifies the air flawlessly with an entrancing vibe that’s boldly adventurous.

This is a melodic EDM song with diverse trait and smooth sound. You’ll definitely fall in love with the song when you listen to it.

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