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Clara Day has made her hauntingly hypnotic debut with ‘The Ritual’

Bristol-based singer-songwriter, Clara Day, made her debut with the stunning Psych Folk single, ‘The Ritual’, on December 17th, without a hint of hyperbole, it may be the most enthralling single released in 2020.

By taking inspiration from 70s folk horror films, Clara Day was able to bring hypnotically hexing energy to the ambient semi-orchestral single which oozes sensuality, beguile and tender intimacy, all in equal measure.

Any fans of Mazzy Star, Angel Olsen and Big Thief will find Clara Day’s haunting vocal timbre just as enchanting. Yet, with the celestial psychedelia which the singer-songwriter brings to her transfixing sound, there’s an extra layer of alchemy to sink your teeth into.

You can check out The Ritual for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Do The Jimmy Jimmy, and The Ballad Of Tin Shaker

Beatles-y, Kinks-y, Small Faces-y, harmonious, sixties-mixed-with-nineties, classic indie-influenced pop-rock, ‘The Ballad Of Tin Shaker’ is a glorious, catchy pop song in the absolute best sense of the words.

Hailing from the small town of Claymont in the state of Delaware in the US, Jimmy Jimmy, and his new seven-track album ‘Do The Jimmy Jimmy’, is proper, lasting singer-songwriter americana-influenced pop with a delicious, laid-back hook that worms its way into your head and stays there. Relentlessly. And refuses to leave again.

Try it. Go on. And tell me that you’re not still wanting to be a ‘tin shaker’ by this time tomorrow.

Check out Jimmy Jimmy here, and watch the video for ‘The Ballad Of Tin Shaker’ on YouTube now.

Review by Alex Holmes


More Than Skies – Tomorrow Won’t Bother: Psychedelically Cinematic Angsty Folk Rock

More Than Skies is the project of New York singer-songwriter Adam James. With two EP’s and a self-released double-album since its inception in 2006, James now drops his new album, ‘Tomorrow Won’t Bother’, leading off with this, the title track.

Perhaps best described as mildly psychedelic-sounding angsty folk-rock, ‘Tomorrow Won’t Bother’ has a distinctly Beatles-y vibe to it, all beautiful wavering strings, strummed acoustic guitar, and a hugely classy piano-led intro, all held together by James’ effortless vocal. There’s a pizzicato element to the strings adding some percussive drive to the middle section, a charmingly ‘Leslie Cabinet’ dopplering tremolo effect to James’ voice, and that delicious piano intro and outro, all adding serious class to an already beautifully crafted and performed track. ‘Tomorrow Won’t Bother’ is the perfect taster.

Hear ‘Tomorrow Won’t Bother’ on Spotify; check out More Than Skies on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Britta Pejic has broken the monocultural mould with their rhythmically beguiling Alt Pop hit ‘Spring Roll Skin’

Britta Pejic has served up a smorgasbord of culture in her latest electronic Avant-Garde Latin Pop single ‘Spring Roll Skin’. With windingly psychedelic guitar notes adding beguile to the rhythmically arrestive instrumentals which create the perfect platform for Britta Pejic’s almost phantasmal vocals, the only thing which parallels the ingenuity is how deeply you will fall into the magnetically mellifluous release.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Kate Bush strove for a more colourful and tribal sound, you’ll get a good idea of what you can expect when you hit play on Spring Roll Skin which was released on October 31st.

You can check out Spring Roll Skin for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Take a cruise with J. Moriarty’s reflectively smooth Indie single ‘Ride Side’

J. Morarty has, in recent years, lived in Morocco, the Maghrib, the West Bank, and Appalachia and now resides in Ohio. ‘Ride Side’ takes in this rootlessness and lack of stability, mixing it all up in a Covid Quarantine-induced haze into a transpositional, transportive piece which puts the listener into the time and place Moriarty occupied when composing.

Gently acoustic, beautiful strummed guitar chords pushing the melody along behind a vocal from Moriarty steeped in sixties or seventies Gram Parsons Americana mixed with Evan Dando’s ‘ All My Life’ or the quieter, chilled moments of the ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’ album – think ‘Hanna & Gabi’ or ‘My Drug Buddy’ and you’re pretty close – before the suddenly off-tempo slapped-percussive ‘ooh ooh ooh’ bridge catches you unaware, bringing in the full psychedelic Leslie-cabinet instrumentation and reminds you that this is a modern, thoroughly grown-up track that twists and turns stylistically through handclaps and bass-line led pop, but all held together masterfully by Moriarty’s soulful vocal delivery.

Hear ‘Ride Side’ on Spotify, and follow J. Moriarty on Instagram and Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Modern Fools offer uniquely liberating resolve with their nuanced Indie hit “New Year”

If the state of modernity is sending you under, delve into the uniquely liberating Indie Rock hit “New Year” by Modern Fools.

While some are desperately waiting for 2020 to end as if that will be the end of our suffering, Modern Fools put an incredible spin on the naive narrative by offering absolving nihilism with lyrics such as “I don’t care what the new year brings” and “resolutions, they don’t mean shit”. That may sound depressive but letting go of any frantic desperation to see the world instantly fixed will do plenty of favours for your soul.

There’s a resounding sense of realism within the tonally sweet psych-laced feat of Indie Jangle Pop. They captured the mood, as well as the Verve, did in the 90s.

I have an infinite amount of admiration for Modern Fools and their ability to pour such mindful nuance into a track which addresses the state of our collective powerlessness.

You can check out the satirically-sweet official video to New Year by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Liberty Butterworth – Another Day in Paradise: Dream Pop Poetry

“Another Day in Paradise” is the latest melodiously succinct Indie Dream Pop single by London-based artist Liberty Butterworth. Think of it as the Indie antidote to lockdown 2.0 angst.

With the captivatingly poetic lyricism bringing a grounding depth to the tonally dreamy release, Another Day in Paradise will leave you subdued while Liberty Butterworth lulls you with her sticky-sweet witty lyrics. She addresses the disparity in our society which we’re constantly being told is dystopic, but Another Day in Paradise allows you to see the silver-linings while serenading you with the nostalgically distorted guitar notes. Her authenticity is one thing. The ingenuity within her resolving minimalistic single is quite another. Get her on your radar.

You can check out Another Day in Paradise by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Becky Raisman has sweetened the airwaves with her eccentric Pop single ‘Summertime Sugar’

Becky Raisman

Becky Raisman is here with her eccentrically sweet Alt Pop single ‘Summertime Sugar’, if you could imagine a mash-up of the stylings of the B52s and the Beach Boys, you may just get an idea of what is in store if you hit play on this vibrantly quaint, ardently amorous summer Pop single.

The Jazzy piano pop number uses a solid backbone of acoustic drums along with synth keys which carve lush melodies which will definitely leave you feeling enamoured while Raisman runs you through the candidly unfiltered lyrics.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Summertime Sugar for yourselves. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with news of the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Offload ennui with Dave Sheinin’s sticky-sweet Americana Psych-Pop single “Existential Dread”

Baltimore-based singer-songwriter Dave Sheinin released their cathartically connectable Psych Pop-infused Indie single Existential Dread on October 9th. Hit play and experience the weight dropping from your soul as you embrace 60s Psych nostalgia, viscerally evocative elements of 90s Power Pop and timeless Americana.

The blissfully sweet tones felt like rays of sunlight breaking through the bleak ennui which I’m sure that we’ve all been feeling lately. Dave Sheinin playfully finds ways of conveying they’ve been dwelling in a pit of their own despair while never letting their own disdain resonate in the soundscape. So, if your playlists are crying out for feel-good hits which are still grounded in realism, you won’t go far wrong with Existential Dread.

You can check out Dave Sheinin’s single Existential Dread for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hook into the grooves of Favor’s latest Psyche-infused Garage Rock track “Wishing at the Well”

Austin, TX Alt-Indie trio Favor’s recently released single “Wishing at the Well” is the taste-breaker that your Alt Indie playlists have been crying out for. The rhythmically captivating track simultaneously oozes sex appeal and commercial appeal. There really is no room to wonder why so many have been drawn to their massive yet intimate sound.

There’s a slight nod to 60s Psych and there are some elements of old-school Garage Rock thrown in for good measure. But with the dynamically-sonic appeal and the freshly alluring vernacular in the lyrics, Wishing at the Well offers all the distinction you need to confirm that Favor is one of the most authentic newcomers to the airwaves.

With their rhythmically raucous energy and their ability to make a strong connection with the listener – in spite of the DIY-style production, you don’t really need any more indicators that Favor is an Indie Rock trio well worth putting on your radar.

You can check out Wishing at the Well by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast