UK alt-folk sister duo māsa are at their organically natural best on the ‘Underside’

After stunning our battered hearts with their beautifully healing single, ‘My Love Went to Sea‘, from May, māsa sends us into a dreamy galaxy with their breathtaking effort, ‘Underside‘.

māsa (formerly known as Currer Bell), is a wonderful UK-based indie alt-folk duo who was created by two sisters who are intrinsically linked and make otherworldly music you can’t possibly dislike.

From an early age, siblings Faron and Merle were home-schooled, which gave them the space to create a shared imaginary world brimming with characters and scenes to fill their storytelling songs.” ~ māsa

With their debut album ‘Sailors and Insomniacs‘ set for release this month, māsa engage our consciousness wide awake with a simply scintillating display of majestic goodness via a sweet song that is spiritually rejuvenating beyond preceding degrees of comprehension.

The importance of this bond is behind the name: māsa means sister in Latvian, the language of their great-grandmother, whose extraordinary life-story and vivid imagination remain a treasured legacy for the duo.” ~ māsa

Underside‘ from UK-based indie alt-folk duo māsa, is a rather special melody that will ease your nerves and help you find that place of contentedness that we have all been searching for. They have delightfully navigated through the noise and pollution of the world to remind us that true beauty does indeed still exist.

Sung with great care and with a serene melody, it is hard to find anything purer that this delicate song in 2022.

Listen to this harmonious wonder on Spotify and see more of their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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