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Looks at Me: Agaaze drops the groovy-lusciously sweet daydreaming gem Token Clown

Looking back at the sun with his windows down and the air flowing into his lungs rather wonderfully, Agaaze sparks up on his trip into a more content place to be enlightened inside on Token Clown.

Agaaze aka Agathya Visveswaran is an award-winning Rochester, New York-based indie multi-instrumentalist and music producer who is currently studying at the University of Michigan.

Featuring an array of psychedelic peaches to munch on with much vigour, Agaaze keeps things sky-gazing and might change moods around here. He makes punchy music you see. This is soul-boosting and with a style that is rather likeable.

Token Clown from the Rochester, New York-based indie multi-skilled musician Agaaze is a dreamy single to remember for days on end. The beat transports all ears in a memorable trance. that shall elucidate veins and surely convalesce wounds. There is so much to love about a release with a heart-healing aura and for this, we should be certainly thankful.

Turn this up on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK alt-folk sister duo māsa are at their organically natural best on the ‘Underside’

After stunning our battered hearts with their beautifully healing single, ‘My Love Went to Sea‘, from May, māsa sends us into a dreamy galaxy with their breathtaking effort, ‘Underside‘.

māsa (formerly known as Currer Bell), is a wonderful UK-based indie alt-folk duo who was created by two sisters who are intrinsically linked and make otherworldly music you can’t possibly dislike.

From an early age, siblings Faron and Merle were home-schooled, which gave them the space to create a shared imaginary world brimming with characters and scenes to fill their storytelling songs.” ~ māsa

With their debut album ‘Sailors and Insomniacs‘ set for release this month, māsa engage our consciousness wide awake with a simply scintillating display of majestic goodness via a sweet song that is spiritually rejuvenating beyond preceding degrees of comprehension.

The importance of this bond is behind the name: māsa means sister in Latvian, the language of their great-grandmother, whose extraordinary life-story and vivid imagination remain a treasured legacy for the duo.” ~ māsa

Underside‘ from UK-based indie alt-folk duo māsa, is a rather special melody that will ease your nerves and help you find that place of contentedness that we have all been searching for. They have delightfully navigated through the noise and pollution of the world to remind us that true beauty does indeed still exist.

Sung with great care and with a serene melody, it is hard to find anything purer that this delicate song in 2022.

Listen to this harmonious wonder on Spotify and see more of their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzie Aguilera wants to know so much more on debut single, ‘Yo Quiero Saber’

Wondering why some are so afraid to be alone, Ozzie Aguilera shows us a new creation that will float you into a fascinating world of intrigue and is loaded with English and Spanish lyrics to learn from on, ‘Yo Quiero Saber‘.

Ozzie Aguilera is a dreamy-soul/pop artist, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who is always looking to develop and likes to be considered genre-less.

The amount of love that I have for music is unexplainable. It’s more about how the vibe of a song makes you feel and where it takes you, other than just the words themselves.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

A new artist with plenty to prove, Ozzie Aguilera reminds us that the creative path to being happy with oneself is a long and arduous one, but fantastically worth it if you believe in yourself enough.

I’m big on harmonies, melodies, and getting lost in the creation of my music.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

Yo Quiero Saber‘ from the dreamy-soul/pop solo artist Ozzie Aguilera is an electric performance from an innovative soul who has had a traumatic life growing up and feels like is just starting this compelling journey to being happy with the process to the victory line. Sung with real gusto and bringing forth a sound that is new to many, this is a single that shall hypnotise and captivate many who like to see music evolve to keep the progression alive.

Insert your ears into something different on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Space Drive wonders if they are both blinded by the same distraction ‘Chain Reaction’

With a superbly silky style that makes you want to turn up the volume to max, Space Drive knows that nature can take you off the path you were seeking to begin with on their top new release, ‘Chain Reaction‘.

Space Drive is a Guildford, UK-based indie-alt-pop fusion 3-piece band that assembles that catchy-cool music to get your ears ready for the night’s adventures.

”A journey through time using nostalgic soundscapes and memorable melodies, cemented by thumping grooves.” ~ Space Drive

Clicking into 3rd gear and getting us to look at life from a different perspective, Space Drive ride into the darkness with confident aplomb and leave us wanting more with their intriguing style that will sizzle your senses awake.

Chain Reaction‘ from Guildford, UK-based indie-alt/pop fusion 3-piece band Space Drive, is a mind-bending experience that will stop you in your tracks as you try to untie your hands. With expectations in the world sky-high and words confused into knots, this is a hot single that helps us remember to ignore the noise. Featuring a dazzling beat, and an array of splendid soundscapes that keeps you on your toes, this super single will probably take your breath away as you try and find that middle ground again.

Being with that special love is the mission, as you look to find your way out of that confusing maze.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out their social style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Peaceful Travels: Magnus Josefsson is authentically introspective on ‘Jimmy’s House’

After concluding that it was time to drop his debut album after many years of deep thoughtful planning, Magnus Josefsson used all the experience gained from previous mixtapes with his lead single that will have you jumping for joy on ‘Jimmy’s House‘.

Magnus Josefsson is a brilliant Vienna, Austria and Fröseke, Sweden-based dreamy instrumental solo artist and music producer.

There is so much to lather in splendidly here from a kind soul who is ready to get his music out to the world, as he projects wonderous soundscapes of a higher echelon than most of us mere mortals can even fathom. The musicianship is so tight you might need a cold glass of water to calm down, as there is so much to take in here. From the catchy riffs to the mind-bending soulful ambience, this is just excellent the whole way through.

Jimmy’s House‘ from the highly efficient Vienna and Fröseke-based top-notch instrumental solo artist and music producer Magnus Josefsson, is such a calming single which seems to crystalize in your psyche and take you to places you can only see in your dreams. Each second has been made with such love and ultimate affection, from an artist who takes you on a fascinating journey to a new world of love.

Hear this lovely new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Every Night I Come To You: Fabulously genuine French folk singer-songwriter Alba James heads to the stars on the beautifully authentic ‘Moonchild’

As she links hands with her true love and beams a smile so delightful you will never forget its undeniable elegance, Alba James lovingly looks up to see the sparkling sky above that can guide us to those special places we surely need to visit on ‘Moonchild‘.

Alba James is a France-born, Sweden-based indie folk artist with a sweet heart and an exquisite voice that will help you heal from all the worries in the world.

Here, between the endless forests and the silent snow falling, I write songs with my ukulele and my tiny heart.” ~ Alba James

With a crisply kind and dreamy fairy-like ambiance nostalgically echoing from all corners, there is so much to love here from the wonderful Alba James. She leads us onto the right path and organically tells us the story about taking a step back, to let the incredible universe show you the way. Letting those remarkable constellations take you to places you only dreamed of before, is the only way to truly find that inner peace after all.

Moonchild‘ from the Sweden-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter Alba James, is an angelic gem sent to help us heal from all the toxic air around so that we may breathe properly again. She sings with a deliciously pure blend of succulent edibles for us to nibble on gently, whilst we are taking a stroll into nature again. This is that perfectly-timed calming type of music vibration we all needed, after feeling so anxious lately from all the worlds events.

The universe can be so simple and majestically beautiful, if you just let your mind wonder.

Hear this gorgeously wrapped single on Spotify and see her peaceful life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Give You My Heart: London’s Jagun can’t stop dreaming about his true love on ‘Sleepwalking’

Following up from his recent single ‘The Last Time‘, Jagun can’t get his dreamy lover out of his mind with the new kiss-filled single called ‘Sleepwalking‘.

Jagun is an indie pop/RnB artist who is based in London, UK. He makes that vibrantly fresh type of music that has your mind alive with so many possibilities ahead, as he sings with a clear voice that is full of electric enthusiasm.

This is the true story of being so wrapped into one person who gives you that rare happy buzz, as he sings with a true freedom that only happens when you feel that this is the right human for you. You worry that they are taking their time and waiting for exactly the right moment – as you bide your time for them to make their mind up – so that you can make it all official.

Sleepwalking‘ from the London, UK-based indie pop/RnB artist Jagun, is a I-see-you-when-I close-my-eyes type of breathtaking track that has your heart beating so much faster. The love is clearly there and the vibe is right, as he hopes that they see past the faults and look only to the good things that you can provide. Made with a bouncy love-packed beat, this is a romantic single that has you dreaming of that special soul in your life.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Maze: Superb Sydney band Grids and Dots stretch the shadows of the ‘City Skies’

Taken off their much-awaited seven-track debut EP called ‘What Happens to Friendships?‘, Grids and Dots flourish our minds to a higher place beyond what we can see, in this dusty and often confusion-riddled world on ‘City Skies‘.

Grids and Dots is a dreamy four-piece indie-rock/shoegaze act from Sydney, Australia, who showcase their busy inner-city lives, with a glorious backdrop of stunning melodies that takes your stress away.

As their quirky poetry has you thinking deeper than before, you start to fall in love with the mellow vocals and seemingly effort soundscape, that feels so soothing into the healing heart.

This is the message of looking into the big city life as you work from your office or whilst walking around, you are looking for love and things seem like a blur, as you struggle to see into true reality. The smog, the smoke and general hustle and bustle can really have you overthinking too deeply — the search for your true purpose is always close — but seems so far away, unless you know where the elusive treasure is hidden.

City Skies‘ from the splendid Sydney-based shoegazers Grids and Dots, is the kind of song that has you in a gaze outside, as you look around and see people going about their daily business. You feel reflective and look a bit closer, as this hauntingly beautiful song opens up your imagination, to what you are really trying to achieve in life to be truly happy.

Stream this catchy new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Having the right mindset: Emerger guide us through the smoke of 2020 with ‘State of Mind’

The alt-pop pureness from Cape Town duo dreamers Emerger is exactly what we need to stay sane during these apocalyptic times. The squawking birds flutter around with more confidence as they can feel the earth healing from the less smoke and pollution in the sky. The calming but chilly waves offer a peaceful environment to reflect on these unimaginable times in the world, as quarantine has us all feeling like lab rats in a science experiment gone wrong.

Her voice is elegantly enticing enough to dare us to daydream again, while the natural production adds a layer of escapism from the current affairs that can consume your mind to unearth unhealthy levels of anxiously. The combination of the vastly beautiful visuals and sonically stunning soundscapes, make this exhilarating new single a mood changing experience of pleasurable proportions.

The dazzling and always well-dressed duo have been performing and recording music for many years after meeting while studying music at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Their vision and passions are forever interlocked and it feels like they take a step up each time I listen to their wonderful creations. Their humble nature only makes them more likable as in a world full of too many flashy fakes and petty posers, their dreamy alt-pop music only calms the heart rate to help you feel encouraged and brave enough to face the wild world again.

Being in the correct frame of mind is so tough right now if you don’t have a strong support system to stay positive. Luckily, we have the recently engaged Emma De Goede & Gerry Matthee from Cape Town’s Emerger to show us the way to the beach with a smile and a deliciously created beat to make us all remember how to blush again.

State of Mind’ teaches us that everything is going to be okay again and we all need to stay positive as love and groovy music can exist, if you want it enough deep inside your soul.

See the visuals here on YouTube and follow their music journey on Facebook and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Sinking’ from prolific new producer Galaso is a dream-filled journey of life in 2020

Sinking‘ from Galaso is a dream-filled galaxy riding journey of life in 2020 and this hits the tired soul just right.

The young United States producer returns with a new track that transforms the hungry music airwaves of the world. This is a fired up musician who is ready now to be heard worldwide.

You feel like you are going down for a while, your body is sore from the crazy times that you have faced recently. This is your time to reflect and build up your strength again. You will take this moment to change your battered mindset and delve into what you can do next time. Then you can find your peace and flourish.

Galaso are on top form here with Sinking‘ and this is a young, gifted producer who has an ear for good music. This is has a smokey breeze type of music you play with friends to chill and chat. Dance too and enjoy the day and night, moving your body to this lofo-fi waterfall of fresh water to cleanse your heart.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen